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A little while back, I was contacted by Megan Edgeller, a rep from a company called
Build A Sign does just that - they will "build" virtually any type of sign you need for any type of ocassion.  

Megan explained to me that Build A Sign, just this year, had launched a sister company called

At Easy Canvas Prints, you can upload any photo of your choosing, and have it reprinted on a canvas to create a one-of-a-kind, quality piece of "art" for your home.  Your creation can be anything . . . a photo of your children, your wedding, a landscape photo, your most inpsired quote, etc.  

Sample canvas from Easy Canvas Prints Gallery

Sample from Easy Canvas Print Gallery
Megan asked if I would review and promote Easy Canvas Prints in exchange for product.  I was thrilled (and somewhat honored!) to be able to create a piece of art for my home, and be able to share my creation/order experience with my readers.  

I will tell you firstly the most difficult part of this process was choosing a photo.  I really wanted to have a canvas made from a photo of my boys.  But the most recent photo I had of the three of them together was about three years old, and, unfortunately, it was blurry (an example of my poor photography skills!).  

Actually, that fact illustrates part of the great customer service provided by Easy Canvas Prints.  After I uploaded the photo, and went through the various options for finishing - canvas size, canvas thickness, border choice, color oprtions -  and placed my creation in the cart, Megan (who, incidentally, was fantastic to work with!) emailed me to let me know the photo might not work out well once it was enlarged for the canvas because it was out of focus. Megan informed me that their art departement carefully reviews every order before processing to make sure they can produce a quality product.  If there's any question about the quality of the photo you've uploaded, someone from their art department will email you with their concerns.  

The whole creation/order process could not have been simpler.  The website was extremely 
user-friendly, easy to navigate and quite effecient.  As I said earlier, the hardest part was choosing the photo!  Once the photo is choosen, the steps to completion are quick and easy.

Since the original photo I wanted to use would not have produced a professional, quality end-product, I decided to use one of my favorite garden photos I snapped last summer.  

A Monarch butterfly busy collecting nectar from a Mexican Sunflower blossom.  

When my canvas arrived in the mail, I truly think I squealed outloud!  
It was beautiful!  
To see an actual photo that I snapped turned into a piece of real "art" was an absolute treat.  

I cannot give enough praise, and recommend Easy Canvas Prints highly enough.  This is a quality company providing a quality product through quality service.  You absolutely have to visit their website and view more samples in the gallery, and read other testamonials.  What a fabulous gift one of these custom canvas' would make for any special ocassion.  

Thank you, Megan and Easy Canvas Prints, for creating a gorgeous piece of art for my home.  It was an aboslute pleasure working with you.  You can be sure I will be using your services in the future!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love the print you had created. It looks so good. I will have to check them out.

Kerin said...

What a fun thing to do!
Now you'll have to take some pictures of your boys and get them made into a canvas :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wow!! Yours turned out stunning, Carla. Thanks for sharing this website with us. I love the photo you chose.
And your little fabric carrots below are ADORABLE! The cutest I've seen around blogland.
You asked about my paper suitcases...if you look closely at the tags attached, you'll see that I store all my future quilt projects (pattern and fabrics). I love knowing what's inside and having all the items gathered in one place.
Take care,

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