Friday, January 29, 2010


I finally got this project done last night. Yet another project I'd been procrastinating on. I purchased this vinyl wall phrase back in the middle of September,
and now it's . . . ummm . . . the end of January.
Why do I do this???

I really didn't think I'd be able to apply it without the use of scaffolding, or an extension ladder, or something. So I waited for help . . . uh hummm . . .
Finally, last night, I said to myself,
"self . . . just git'r done!"
So by perching precariously on a step ladder on the landing, and hanging waaayyy over the railing, I was able to rub on the phrase with a yard stick.

Now, I realize the phrase is not quite centered within the repurposed frame. And it's not really going to bother me. I'm just glad it's done! But, Hubby had to point that out first thing when he came home and I showed him I'd finally got it done.
Like I didn't already realize this!

About the frame. It was white-washed pine, and it originally held a canvas print with some overpainting of a row of ducks. Back in the eighties, when I was really into country decor (a very unsophisticated country, I'll admit!), I loved this print. But, it was dated for sure. I kept it knowing I could use the huge frame someday. Well, there it is . . .

As far as the phrase not being totally centered, I think it might be okay since the phrase is kinda off-center. Or, I may go back over to Leen The Graphic Queen's (cute, cute stuff - go check it out!) store where I purchased the phrase, and and buy a lit'l summin' to put in the bottom left side, or move the frame over, or do nothing at all!

I've never really been happy with what I've had on this wall. And not wanting to spend a ton of money, I felt I was limited. Besides, really the only people who see this space, the foyer, is us. Virtually everyone uses our garage door or back door when they come to our house.

So, I'm happy :o) Another long-sitting project out of the way. YAY!!!

Update on the chair. Can I just tell you I'm really hating that chair right now. Not enjoying this project at all. A little more has been done, but still quite a bit left to do. I know I'll be so happy when it's done, but until then
I hate that chair!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today's been one of those days where I just couldn't get warm. Didn't think I was into making a pot of coffee. Didn't want the extra calories from hot chocolate. I decided that a cup of hot tea would really do the trick.

Some years ago, as a Christmas gift, me and Hubby received a Teavana tea pot/strainer and a couple canisters of loose tea. Wow! We were hooked! Not to mention making the tea . . . adding the loose tea . . . watching it steep . . . then see it strain down into the cup . . . is so much fun!

We've actually given the whole Teavana pot and teas as gifts many times since we received ours. It really makes a great, and different, gift for a tea drinker that may not have used loose tea.

I like to mix the two blends you see here. Oh, I wish you could smell the delicious aroma wafting from these canisters when I take off the lids!!!

The Hazelnut Dolce is a Rooibos Tea that's from South Africa, and is high in antioxidants and helps improve digestion, among other benefits. The other tea, Mate Vana, is an Herbal Tea that's high in vitamins and minerals and works as an appetite suppressant. hmmm . . . maybe I should be drinking a whole lot more of this one!

Add the recommended amount of loose tea to the pot. When purchased at Teavana, the canisters or bags will have a chart on the back with the measurements for each type of tea.

Add boiling water and let step for recommended amount of time.

When you place the pot/strainer atop a certain width cup or mug, the plunger underneath is released an lets the liquid through while straining the loose tea. Fun!

Actually, I've seen these types of strainer pots around quite a bit. And, of course, loose tea is not too difficult to find. But if you step into a Teavana store, the selection of teas is amazing.

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I'm joining in the tablescaping fun over at Grits and Glamour today.

Barb is holding a little "party" every week called Tabletop Tuesday where bloggers can share their tablescapes and gain all sorts of ideas and inspiration at the same time. I can loose so much time futzing with a tablescape . . . getting it just right.

What I wanted to share today was the dining table that's in my living room. We don't have a formal living room, so I put this gate-leg table in there for extra seating when needed. I grabbed up this table at a furniture resale shop for $60! My plan was to refinish it (another one of those procrastination projects!) soon after I purchased it . . . aaaa . . . over a year ago. The chairs, I picked up at the local Salvation Army store for $15 for the pair. I did get them repainted. Still on the lookout for more chairs for this table.

Anyway, I have this table decked out in celebration of upcoming Valentine's Day. As you can see, this simple vignette is arranged in a very symmetrically and balanced fashion, which seems to work best with the pieces I'm working with.

I love the whimsical feel of this table with the silvers, pinks and reds. Another thing that makes me smile every time I pass this table, is that virtually everything on it once belonged to my grandmother.

Click on over to Barb's blog and check out all the other great tablescapes featured. I'm heading over for more inspiration myself!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


You know, when I posted back on Friday about being so "bad" not getting started on my chair recovering project? My plan was to get started on it as one of the day's first priorities. I think I've pretty much convinced you all I can be, at times, a bit of a procrastinator.

So, instead of getting started right away on that project Friday morning,

I ran this

throughout the entire house.

Then I scrubbed this

and the dish drainer and the sink stoppers.

I emptied this

I washed these
and folded them.

I cleaned this
yes, my powder room toilet is a very dated rose color - that will be a future post!
and the other two upstairs.

I even jogged on this
What you can't see in this pic is I'm watching Paula Deen while I'm jogging. Almost seems counterproductive to be watching THE Queen of Butter whilst one engages in an exercise activity!

Then after a shower and getting dressed, I watched an hour of this
I love reruns of Raymond and King of Queens!

Although, while I was watching Raymond, I was visually planning my
attack on the chair.

So, you see, it was as if I was willing to do almost anything but tackle that chair! Well, finally around 3:00 I started . . . I got this much done (and just that amount of work took me . . . like . . . 3 hours!).
I'm planning on spending some more time with my nemesis today while watching the playoff games. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit more accomplished!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Friday, January 22, 2010


Really don't have anything too exciting to share today. It's a day off from work for me - YIPPIE and TGIF!!! One of the perks of being your own "boss" - I make my schedule and I try not to schedule jobs on Mondays or Fridays. Smart, huh?! ;o)

But I do have big plans for today and the rest of the weekend. I wish I could tell you how fun and exciting these big plans are . . . but, alas, I cannot. Oh, they're BIG!!! But fun . . . notsomuch.

Actually, most of the big plans falls under the category of "THE UGLY" part of this post, which I'll share with you at the end. Why spoil your morning coffee with such mayhem and ugliness first thing?

"THE GOOD" part of this post is more cutesy V'day touches. I'm sorry . . . when it comes to seasonal/holiday decorating, I have a hard time putting the brakes on. The other night, at 10:00 p.m., when I was quickly putting these together Hubby was like "what are you doing now . . . and why are the epsom salts out on the kitchen table?" .

I think they dress up my greenhouse window quite nicely . . . thankyouverymuch! I love my greenhouse window. Sadly, though, it's east facing, so I don't get that great southern exposure light all day that would allow me to have lots of pots of fresh herbs for cooking. Pretty much all I can do is winter over my scented and ivy geraniums. I
do bring in my Rosemary plant for the winter, but it's always hit or miss with it's survival. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get enough light, heat or moisture in the window. I think I've successfully kept a Rosemary plant over the winter maybe once. Anyway, my little V'dy "bouquets" make me smile when I'm doing dishes, looking out my greenhouse window.

Now, "THE BAD" part of this post is this . . . remember this chair . . .

I had big plans to slipcover/reupholster it. Well, guess what? I haven't started any part of the project. I'm so "BAD" about getting started on big projects like this. I can be such a slacker! I think it's a lack of self-confidence in my ability to actually do it. You see, this chair is going to require a bit more than just a simple slipcover. Since it's a recliner, I have to make allowances for moving parts, etc., and I'm just nervous to start. But today's the day! I've waited long enough. I'm just going jump right in there and start it. Really!!!

Now . . . for "THE UGLY" . . . dirty little secret . . . that's in our unfinished side of the basement . . . oh, I'm cringing while I'm publicly displaying this . . .

AAAGGGHHHHH!!!! How on God's green Earth did I let this happen? Oh this area gets a bit messy at times with things out of place and piled up, but this is just ridiculous. I will admit I have been literally walking through the door and just piling stuff on top of stuff. This is all my crap, mind you. On the other side of this heap is Hubby's side where I've been unloading a lot of my junk too . . . all over his work bench.

Mostly craft supplies, home dec, bric-a-brac not being used, magazines, empty Crystal Light containers (another example of my hoarding problem!), cigar boxes, frames, frames and more frames, bottles of acrylic paint that must be 10 years old, old computer parts, retired game systems, pieces of furniture to be refinished, refurbished, refused! This is true mayhem down here. Here is where my dirty little secret lies.

What to do with all those Disney VHS tapes?????

I'm vowing to
clean up,
donate . . .
whatever it takes to get this area back in shape. I really have my work cut out for me with this job, considering this is literally months of just throwing junk around.

Sooo . . . what's on your agenda for the weekend? :o)

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


How can that be, you ask? Usually errands are like a chore, right? Not for me . . . at least not today. Oh, it involved the post office, running into WalMart for envelopes and packing supplies, vitamins, new shower caddy -boring stuff. While at WalMart, I did grab up these boxes of Sweatheart candies for Son. No. 2's girlfriend.

She's a huge Twilight/New Moon fan - like every other young girl on the planet. They were only a buck a box. How could I pass them up! I've already bought her the heart box of chocolates with all three on the front. Good thing I don't have a girl - I'd be "broker" then I already am! ;o)

Do you get this magazine (click on "magazine" to sign up for your free subscription) in the mail?

It's free, and I've been getting it for years. There's always tons of great ideas. What really caught my attention in this issue, was this ad for a product kit by Modern Masters called Countertop Transformations.

I have been wanting to change the countertops in all our bathrooms for a long time now. But not having any money at all in the budget for such a big expense, I'm always looking and trying to find the most economical way we can do it when the time is right. This stuff looks great! I stopped in Lowe's so I could
see it . . . touch it . . . feel it . . . price it.
It may be the way to go when the time is right.

I also decided to take a look-see in the local Goodwill. Usually I find pretty much nothing in ours. I'm seriously thinking of sending Lisa over at Pickles and Cheese a blank check some day and have her snatch me up some goodies at her GW. She finds the greatest stuff!

That little flower pot is adorable! Love the color. The platter is silverplate.

A dollar a piece for the milkglass vases.

This picture was bought for it's frame. It will definitely be getting a new coat of paint and something else featured in it. Although, I'm a little intrigued with the artwork. It's signed and dated on the back and also written is "Caracas, Venezuela", which I assume is location for the little oil painting itself.

Well, I think I did pretty good today! I walked out with, what I think, to be some pretty decent things (not pictured are 3 books - 2 RD Condensed books and Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle. That'll be for my girl's wkend away next month!) all for $10.50 TOTAL!

The one thing I'm most excited about, and didn't even realize what it was till I got home, is this Lenox votive holder. It's from Lenox's Wedding Promises line, and I found it/them (they're originally sold as a pair) online for $40 - that was a sale price! I just think it's so delicate and pretty and doesn't scream wedding at all. And look at that . . . I paid $2 for it. Yippie!

Last stop today was at the drugstore to pick some Tarn-X to shine up my new sliver piece. I couldn't wait! And those two magazines just jumped right into my bag! ;o)

On a side note, I mailed out the LOVE tag garlands to those of you who sent me addresses. Those of you who haven't, don't forget to email me so I can send you your gift!

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