Saturday, January 8, 2011


Good Saturday morning, everyone.  

We woke to snow falling here.  A new layer of fresh snow on top of the dusting we received yesterday morning.  

I've got my coffee "bucket" filled, and I'm going to do some much overdo catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  

I have to add a little "disclaimer" here about this batch of photos.  Some are quite blurry partly because my batteries were low and partly because my eyes are getting so bad I really need to start putting on my specs when taking photos.  Of course, I don't notice the blurriness until after I dump them on the computer.  So, I'm apologizing in advance for the blur!

love this little plate.  the colors, the snowflake ~ so cute.

Well, our fightin' Blue Hens didn't fight quite hard enough last night.  They lost 19 to 20.  It was a good game to watch, but so sad about the loss.  

transferware plate that once
belonged to my grandmother.

dollar tree prayer candle inside
dollar tree vase adorned with
dollar tree ornament atop a
dollar tree "silver" tray.

the "snow" in the bottom there is actually epsom salts.
a big carton is super cheap and it makes great "snow"!

love the dollar tree! :o)

I've got a lot on my to-do list ~ as always! But first, I want to take some time the share some wintry vignettes I've created around the house while I've been taking down and packing up Christmas.  

the hutch received a wintry update.
i still have plans to paint the back of the hutch ~ it's on "the  list"!
the beautiful sign paula made has found it's home!

super cute little ball ornaments.
found them at the drugstore on after C'mas
clearance.  perfect for winter accents.

I'm almost there . . . with the packing away of Christmas, that is.  I have to organize the area in the basement where the C'mas decor's new home will be, and finish with a few other odds and ends to be packed away.

some more of those cute balls.

the bowl is a new acquisition from my mother.
it was my grandmothers.  that cut glass bowl must
weigh 10 pounds!  It's sooo heavy.

 Son No. 1 flies back to school down in North Carolina tomorrow.  :o(  I don't want him to go.  It's been so, so nice having him home these past, almost, four weeks.  He'll be back the beginning of April for Spring Break.  I guess I can hold out till then. 

the bookcase in the family room got a little makeover too.
i really want to paint the back of this as well, 

but hubby warned me NOT to touch it!  
he loves this piece of furniture AS IS!

some how i've manage to accumulate a bit of this green glass.
some pieces were my mother's, grandmother's, aunt's

 and some were thrift store finds.

Hope you all have a productive, restful, enjoyable Saturday ~ whatever you've got planned, or not planned, have a great day!

a little table temporarily place in my foyer after the big c'mas tree came down,
is home to a collection of bottle brush trees.
mmm, think i need to do something about that cord.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love that tray vignette in your kitchen, Carla! I love your hutch just the way it is, and I love the touches you've added here, too. The sign looks great above it!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Great photos today Carla. And I love all the snowflakes and the winter designs. It's COLD down here in NC...your son probably won't notice the difference between NC and DE. They are talking snow for us again on Monday. Stay warm...I'm trying to!

Kerin said...

I love all of your winter vignettes!
So, pretty, and so many great things to look at.
I am looking forward to the Spring and don't really stop to appreciate the winter the way that you do... I need to do better :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

All of your vignettes are so really have a talent for creating such lovely arrangements! Can you come to my house? lol. Angie xo

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