Friday, July 22, 2011

Muy Caliente!!!

Oh yeah, it's steamy today!  
And gonna be even steamier tomorrow.  

Those super hot chilies down there like the heat.
I like how that rogue sunflower sprouted amongst the pepper plants.  
I love when that happens!

The official high for today is forecasted to be 100.  

Now, my window thermometer is little deceiving.  That outdoor temp is so high because of the hot mid day sun shining right on the sensor.  And the inside of our house isn't really 92.7.  It's registering the temp inside my greenhouse window.  
Still hot!

To be a fishy and stay wet and cool all day in this heat.

The sunflowers sure are liking the hot sun.

And, finally, a Chianti sunflower blooming.

I've had to break out the sprinkler to make sure all my flowers and veges stay hydrated.  I'm sure I'm not going like this quarter's water bill.  

I'm pretty sure it's muy caliente where ever you are as well with this big dome of heat covering most of the country.  

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daisy said...


Rosemary said...

I agree the water bill will not be good this time.... Love your Chianti...

Anne said...

Ooooh how I love sunflowers and that Chianti is a stunner! Love your photos, thanks for sharing & thanks for stopping by my blog.

marie said...

Your garden is still beautiful (mine is struggling) and I love the wonderful sunflowers! The pepper plants look great too!

Donna Heber said...

Despite the heat your sunflowers are doing fantastic! Love the little fish in your pond. Mine like to hide under the lily pads.

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