Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Found Use for a Mis-Purchase

Coming off a pretty busy week last week.  And I survived!

Mainly just work and running errands and exercising and house cleaning and gardening and golfing kept me busy all week last week.  
That's all.  
Nothing fun or exciting.  Just a lot of the same-old-same-old.

Oh, all that and planning and having Son No. 2's 20th birthday celebration. What?!  No photos, you ask?   I know, I'm a bad mom.  I went to grab my camera to snap some pics of the festivities Sunday, and it was void of batteries.  I'm pretty sure those batteries went to fill an X-Box controller or a mouse for gaming on the computer.  I knew we didn't have new batteries in the house, and honestly, I didn't feel like running around looking for a b.o.d. (battery operated device) from which to steal batteries.  I was having too much fun at the party!

left to right
B'day boy Colin 20, his girlfriend Shannon 20, and Son No. 1 John 22 (in 1 week)
Yes, the boys are very tall ~ 6'4"
and Shannon is very small ~ 4'11"
Most of the guests were Son's close friends, and a few close family members.  Per his request, the main course was steamed crabs.  You see, we live in crab country, and picking crabs is fun party cuisine . . . outdoor party cuisine, that is, as they're just a bit messy!  He also requested a few more of his faves ~ pulled pork sandwiches topped with cole slaw, mac and cheese and fresh sweet corn from the farm around the corner.  And for us adults, some ice cold beers.  One of legal drinking age can't possibly pick and eat spicy seasoned crabs without an ice cold beer!

I'm really kicking myself very hard now that I wasn't prepared with my camera.  It was, after all, his 20th birthday.  I'm hoping one of his friends may have taken a few pics with a smart phone and put them on FB.  I'll have to inquire about that.

Now, on to subject of this post.  Some of you might remember a few weeks ago I bought this fabric 

to make new pillows for my deck furniture based on the purchase of a new outdoor rug.  Well, that fabric didn't quite work out, and I bought ready-made pillows that were perfect.

What do do with this new fabric?  I had an epiphany! In preparation for Son's party, I decided to use that fabric to make new slipcovers for the old, ratty, faded chair cushions for the outdoor dining set down in the yard by the pond.  

Also, I was able to carry on the same color scheme ~ green, red and tan ~ that I've been using up on the deck.  Although the green's not quite the same, it works down there without clashing with what's up on the deck.

I actually didn't have enough of the new print fabric for fronts and backs of the cushions, so the backs of the cushions are painter's drop cloth leftover from a previous project.  

And I think I really like that better than if I'd had enough to do both sides.  
Nothing fancy.  
Just quick and easy slipcovers to give new life to cushions that might have otherwise been trashed.

I just love when I actually have a good idea like that!  When starting a new project, I always like trying to use or revamp what I have on hand.  Like recycling!

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Kerin said...

Well happy birthday to your son!
Isn't it amazing how quickly these kiddos of ours grow up?!
The cushions turned out fantastic. I am so impressed with your talents!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm sure your son's birthday was a hit, with or without pictures, Carla! Love those cushions! What a great idea to use dropcloth for the back side. I think they look great.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love your new cushions Carla! They look so awesome. Great idea to use a different fabric for the backs too! I had to laugh a little bit at the picture of your son & his girlfriend...there is quite a height difference! I am short too and I had a really tall boyfriend in high school. They look so cute together! Angie xo

Donna Heber said...

Hi Carla,

Your new seat cushions are wonderful! You are so creative. I'm sorry to hear about your camera and no batteries. Hopefully, someone took a few shots of the party.

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