Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Orange Infused Vodka

Vodka is so hot right now, as I'm sure you've all noticed.  Just look down the shelves in the vodka section of any liquor store.

There's an absolute myriad of flavors to choose from.  The flavors I've purchased from time-to-time, or on a pretty regular basis ;o), are orange, lemon, raspberry and strawberry.  

This year I decided to try infusing vodka myself.  Based on the research I did, it's not that hard.  You pretty much pick a fruit, or even a vegetable, and let it macerate in vodka for several weeks or more.  When using citrus for infusion, be sure to get just the peel with no pith.   A bitter flavor will result if too much pith is left on the peel. 

Some resources I found used the actual "meat" of the orange, and others did not.  I decided to add the orange sections.  I can only imagine it might add a bit more flavor.  

Strain it through cheesecloth, and bottle it up.  
That's it.  
Certainly not rocket science!

I learned that expensive vodka isn't even necessary.  A moderately priced one will do.  Well, I'm a self-proclaimed vodka snob.  

Usually, my vodka of choice is Ketel One.  I think it's a smooth, light-tasting vodka that's well priced.  A 750ml bottle in my area usually runs under $25 a bottle.  But, a few years ago I discovered a vodka called P.I.N.K.  

It's an ultra-premium vodka from the Netherlands that's distilled five times, and infused with guarna and caffeine.  When choosing a good premium vodka, it's good to look for one that's distilled at least three times.  It usually sells for $30 to $35.  When it was first introduced, I think there were hopes of it being a hot new club vodka ~ most likely because of the additions of the guarana and caffeine.   Oh, and if you happen to accidentally over-indulge just a bit, I think those additions help ward off a bit of yukiness the next morning . . . if YOU know what I mean!

As luck would have it ~ for me, anyway! ~ a nearby liquor store over purchased this vodka buying a ridiculous amount.  And since their inventory was not moving as quickly as they would like,  almost two years ago they started selling P.I.N.K. half price.  WooHoo!!!!  I've been buying bottles, usually several at a time, for $11.99.  Can't beat that for premium vodka.

Annywaaay . . . when infusing my vodka, I decided to use P.I.N.K.  
It's good stuff, and the price is right.  

Now, once the infusion is complete {sheesh, I do sound like rocket scientist!}, and I've strained the vodka, I'll be pouring it into these recycled bottles.  

Aren't they cute?!

Another yummy liquor found a few years ago.  In the past, I would always a cheaper orange liqueur when making my cosmos ~ usually DeKuyper's Triple Sec.  Then I discovered Patron's Citronge orange liqueur.  It's comparable to Cointreau, but a few dollars less.  It runs around $22 for 750ml, and it's delish in my cocktails.  And look and at the super-cute bottle you're left with?  And the cork . . . I love it.  
It looks like a mushroom. 

I have saved a few of the empty bottles thinking I could certainly use them for something.   
Well, maybe more than just a few . . . ;o)

Once the infusion is complete, hehe, I'll be sure to report my findings.  

I'm thinking these would make nice hostess gifts.  Of course, I'll jazz up the bottles with a handmade label or tag, making sure the recipient knows this vodka was infused with fresh citrus especially for them.

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Girlie Blogger said...

Looks yummy. I like Vodka drinks too. Especially martinis.

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