Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Boy, last weekend's weather was just gorgeous. A real taste of summer. It was so warm, I had to break down and turn on the air. I really hate having on the air. Hate having to close up the house, but dislike being hot and uncomfortable even more. A somewhat silly thing I'll do, though, is leave the slider open even when the air's on. I have to have some fresh air coming in along with the sounds of the birds chirping and those other outdoor, Springy sounds.

Got a bit more work done in the yard and gardens this past weekend. I've started planting up some of my containers with annuals, but still have a long way to go!

I should really keep a tally of just how much I spend on annuals/vegetables each year. Then again, maybe I don't want to know!

Before I share some snaps around the gardens, I want to share this "creature" that's been spotted in our yard the past few weeks.

No, it's not Big Foot, or a black bear charging on all fours.

It's someone's pet black bunny! We spotted him Friday morning in the perennial garden along with five wild rabbits. We have soooo many rabbits in our yard this Spring. As long as they stick to eating the clover in the lawn, they're very welcome to stay.

Either the wild rabbits or the big black bunny completely mowed down the spinach I planted a few weeks ago . . . grrrrr . . . They didn't touch the romaine lettuce, just the spinach.

I hope Mr. Black Bunny will be okay. Can't figure out if his owner just lets him run, or he escaped, or he was dumped. He's pretty skiddish and won't let you get too close. My concerns for him is we have a lot of hawks and fox around here. He's a big guy, so maybe he'll be okay.

Our outdoor table and chairs are getting a bit of a facelift this Spring with a new coat of paint. As you can see, they were the common hunter green color. I decided to keep the set in the green family, but using "Italian Olive". I love the color and the name!

Get comfy . . .
I have a bunch of photos to share . . .

A Bluebird house purchased at a yard sale years ago. Despite me not cleaning it out each year like I should, the birds still nest in it every spring.

The Bleeding Hearts are blooming like crazy! Behind them is the back of a broken adirondack chair. It hides the unsightly furnace vent.

The fallen petals from the Kwanzan Cherry tree make a mess. Kind of looks like big pink snow flakes all over the ground.

The Chive plants in the herb garden have popped!

Is there anything more cheerful than the face of a Pansy?

This free from a yard sale garden chair does a great job of helping camouflage the septic vent and cleanout caps.

Potted Lamb's Ear. One of my fave perennials.

Later in the season, this little section of fence behind the garage will be heavy with Morning Glory vine.

Swirling Hosta leaves.

Small Geraniums hanging out on the potting bench waiting to be planted in the window boxes out front.

Newly hatched baby Robins.

Newly planted Mexican Tarragon.

My favorite flower, Peonies, are just about to bloom. Can't wait!

The plant chair, a curbside find, is waiting for some pretty annuals.

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Darlene said...

Oh Carla everything is so BEAUTIFUL! I am really worried about that black bunny....I don't know if it will survive if it was a pet that someone dumped :(

I LOVE how you used the pots as a bed edging....NEAT. I may have to do that! I LOVE all your signs and ornaments incorporated into your gardens. I just LOVE everything!♥

Kerin said...

Hi Carla!
Great pictures! Looks like the gardens are really taking off at your house! I too love the pots at the edge of your garden bed! Oh and I like the color of your patio set too!
I'm off to work in our gardens again today. Enjoy your day:)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

We've got all those wild bunnies in our area, too! And ducks swimming in our pool cover! I'm planning on starting the plant purchasing Friday and getting some things in and looking pretty before I have to head back to the day job next week. I also need to clean our outdoor tables and pretty up the gazebo. Chores I'm actually looking forward to doing!

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