Friday, April 30, 2010


Yep, that's what happened yesterday in a very big way.

I had lots of plans for my day off yesterday.
Some light cleaning . . . laundry . . . finishing up a few projects . . . loading up that new cabinet in my craft room . . . getting a work-out in . . . maybe doing something creative and crafty . . . even a little gardening.

The day started innocently enough by my vacuuming. As is routine, I vacuumed just inside the pantry coffin errr closet. I slipped and called it a coffin because it's so darn small - very narrow. No complaints, though. At least we have some kind of pantry.

As I was sliding the vacuum in there, I said to myself "self, you really should give this pantry a good cleaning". We keep the trash can in there, and that results in some "missed shots" and a bit of spatter sometimes - lovely. And, in the 17 years we've been here, I don't think I've ever totally emptied the pantry and gave the shelves a good wipe down.

hehe!!! Oh, there's my vacuum again making another appearance in the mirror back there! I guess you've all figured out by now that I vacuum a lot. That thing is almost never put away.

So, I did just that. Totally emptied out the pantry. Once emptied, it was obvious a lot more work needed to be done besides just wiping down the shelves. It turned into a panting project that lasted all day long!
Sorry, no pics of the before. First, it was a lot grosser than I'd realized, and second, I didn't think it was going to turn into a major project!

I decided to paint the inside of the closet the brightest white paint I had. You see, our house has all stained (blech!) woodwork and trim. It was nice 17 years ago, but over the years, I've slowly started to hate all the stain.

Anyway, the wood shelves in there were stained along with the wood support rails. Using high hiding primer, I painted those rails and shelves. Now, I'd love to have the nice open and airy wire shelving in my pantry, but that would be another job to add to the " big to-do list" that would be forever in getting done. And, I wanted the update done right then.
Cause I'm all about instant gratification!

On to painting the walls. I found some semi-gloss white latex in our vast left-over paint collection.
Not knowing just how long that paint had been around, it seemed okay. Cutting in it all looked good. But when it came time to roll.
OMG!!! It was horrible!
Globs of solidified paint everywhere. It almost looked like textured paint.

Now what to do? I had the pantry torn apart, half painted, and I was on a roll. Well, that meant jumping into the car, and heading off the store to buy new paint.
What a pain!
But, a perfect example of poor planning!

I managed to get everything painted and put away. Now the pantry is bright and clean and fresh! I'm glad I got it done; although, time might have been better spent working on one of the many projects I haven't finished or yet to start.

I did get that luggage stand done. I think it turned out great. I LOVE the burlap(?) strapping I used. Seventy-five cents a yard at the fabric store - score! I've got ideas swimming in my head of other projects I want to incorporate this stuff in to.

Not sure how or where I'm going to use this stand just yet, but for now it's making a nice stand for some of my smaller quilts.

We're expecting bee-u-ta-full weather this weekend - warm temps and sunshine! I'm hoping to get out in the gardens a bit, maybe some yard saleing,
ooooo, and maybe even 9 holes of golf . . .

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

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Love the Decor! said...

I need to give my tiny pantry a fresh coat of paint as well!! Have a great weekend!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Love the luggage rack Carla! I found one at Goodwill last summer and it's still sitting in the gargage waiting for me to get to it. I love that you used the burlap strapping. I would like to try the same thing. Thanks for reminding me!
The pantry looks so fresh and clean!

Kerin said...

Glad that the pantry turned out great after the headache it gave you :)
Enjoy your gorgeous day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

The luggage rack looks great, Carla! What a job with the pantry! I've done that myself and then all the other things I had planned just go right out the window. Sometimes it's good to do these spur of the moment projects, otherwise they never get done!

Paula said...

I'm the same way...easily distracted but in a productive way so no one can complain (but me!) Love the luggage rack redo! Hope you have a beautiful weekend..high 80's sounds perfect to me!!

Darlene said...

At least when you got distracted by the pantry you ended up getting it beautified!!!! It looks great. Also, the luggage rack holding your quilts looks wonderful!!! Hope you DID have a wonderful weekend.♥

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