Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was straightening up the DVD drawer the other day, and came across my copy of
You've Got Mail
Love that movie!
Can watch it over and over. Not just because it's a super cute story, featuring a couple of my favorite actors - Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks - but virtually every scene is shot among the most beautiful furnishings. Meg's character, Kathleen Kelly, lives in the most adorable NYC apartment. One of my absolute favorites.

Even the book store, The Shop Around The Corner, her character owns in the movie is darling - even if it's interiors were fabricated on a sound stage.

Thinking of the gorgeous sets, scenery and surroundings in You've Got Mail got me thinking about other movie homes or "sets" I just love. I added in the word "sets" because, some of you may remember in a past post I did featuring the movie
It's Complicated, that through some research, I discovered much of Meryl's character, Jane Adler's home was filmed on fabricated sets, not in a real home. Although the decor's a bit less "shabby" than in You've Got Mail, I still find this style very appealing.

It's Complicated

A few more favorite movie homes are from Something's Gotta Give, and especially Kate Winslet's character, Iris', home from The Holiday. As many of you may know, these two movies and It's Complicated were all directed by Nancy Meyers whose known to put much of her own decorative talents into the set designs of the productions she's involved with.

Something's Gotta Give

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers' Home

Definitely a reoccurring theme in what I find appealing when looking at all these stills. The sad thing is not one room in my house echoes any of these rooms. Well, maybe my living room a little . . . But not enough of my house to satisfy that "want".

What are some of your favorite movie homes?

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yes, definitely The Holiday English cottage, Carla! Also love the cottage in the Bewitched movie, the house in Practical Magic, and I'm sure there are others that, of course, when you try to think of them off the top of your head you can't! I was never big on that kitchen in Somethings Gotta Give though, which may make me in the minority.

Paula said...

Hi Carla! How neat to see all these movie 'sets' together like this. I love this style too, but like you I look around and wonder why I don't have it? lol:)
I didn't know they were all directed by one woman. Her style seems to be neutral backgrounds with pops of color, very appealing!
Makes me want to go on a redecorating rampage!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I love the sets on all of those movies. If I had buckets of money...yes, well if I had buckets of money then my house would look just like these. Fun post, nice to see all of these photos in one place.

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