Monday, November 22, 2010


As some of you may remember, I've been on a marathon . . . a l-o-n-g marathon . . . redoing my master bedroom.  You'd think I was having new pieces of furniture made to order, and rich, delectable fabrics and textiles custom made into designer one-of-a kind window treatments and accessories.  Or maybe the time's been spent patiently waiting for a skilled artisian to complete a faux finishing or wall mural in the room.  

Alas, I can not blame the snail's pace of a redo on any of the above. Only on myself, and my laziness, and at times, empty wallet! LOL  
But, it's getting there! :o)  
Little by little!

I shared a snippet of the room a few months ago when I painted a few pieces {below} with that yummy paint color, Malted Milk, that I just adore.

Today, I'm sharing the back wall of the room ~ the wall that's seen as you walk through the bedroom door.  What I'm most excited about and it doesn't take much to get me excited sometimes is the "wall art" I created with re-painted frames found in my frame graveyard in the basement and scrapbook paper.  

I actually purchased this particular pack of matching papers at a convention this past summer specifically to use in my bedroom.  The colors in the patterns of these papers works perfectly coordinating with the blues, greens and browns I've chosen for the room.  

Oh, I know it's not a unique idea, and I know we've seen this done all over blogland.  Heck, I was inspired by Angie at Echoes of Laughter for this very project.  Even though it's not original, I'm just so tickled with how the whole wall "vignette" turned out, I just had to share.  

So for practically pennies, I was able to fill a "hole" on the wall with something quite appealing.  

I snagged this super-cute wall hanger,
door knob thingy at Pier 1 on clearance.
New window treatments were finally sewn and mounted, but I'm not entirely thrilled with how they turned out.  I may be adding some large covered buttons or some trim to jazz them up a bit.  You'll have to wait for their big debut.

There's still quite a bit left to do.  The bed-side tables and a chest at the foot of the bed are going to get a fresh coat of Malted Milk paint. A few more walls need to be addressed, a couple pillow covers still to be sewn, and the room will finally be done.  Then, I'll share it's big total reveal with before and after snaps.  But, as in my oh-so-not speedy fashion, those final projects will have to wait until after the Holidays. ;o)

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Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Love it Carla! It turned out great!!! I may have to use your idea to fill some of my wall space! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sometimes it's better to do something like this over time and without rushing, Carla! You can really give some thought to the items you are using and purchasing. Great way to way to get some inexpensive art. I'm looking to help my daughter in her apartment and this may be a route to go.

Kerin said...

Hi Carla!
Everything is turning out fantastic! It sure is a big change, and I love all the soft and comforting colors.
Can't wait to see the big reveal!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

It all looks great Carla. I am a slow mover when it come to decorating. I especially like the colors you are working with. Very calm and refreshing. (If it makes you feel better...I pulled all the wallpaper off my powder room walls back in August and finally finished painting it this past weekend. August to November! Not bad!)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Paula said...

Love that vignette of paper Carla! Sometimes I think scrapbook paper is to pretty to close in a book-you found the perfect solution!
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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