Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, I'm back. I knew I couldn't stay away for two weeks.  I will say, though, that I did need this past week's break from blogging.  As much as I enjoy blogging and reading my favorite blogs, having one less thing to think about was really needed.  

I did manage to get some things done.  Of course, not as much as I really wanted.  And I did knock out a couple projects.  One project being my version of
Pottery Barn's Felt Leaf Garland.  

Pottery Barn Kids

You know when you see something and you just have to have it, or just have to make it?  That's how I felt when I saw this felt leaf garland sold at PB's Kid's site.  

Pottery Barn Kids

But with a price tag of $50, I knew for sure I wouldn't purchasing the real article.  
Fifty bucks???!!!  I don't think so.

So, I broke out my stash of Kunin Felt and got busy.  Kunin Felt is a wonderful, high-quality, washable felt (you can order here).  When I worked in a quilt shop eons ago, we sold it by the yard.  It was used a lot in craft and doll patterns.  

I found some leaf templates on the net I liked, printed them out and traced them to the paper side of fusible web.  The fusible web is ironed onto the felt, and then the leaf shape is cut out.  Once the paper backing is peeled off, I then ironed the cut shape to another piece of felt to create the layered leaves.  Of course, the leaves with cut outs were made before they were layered and ironed.  

The cost of this project . . . zero, zip . . . just my time, as I had all the materials on hand.  It's not exactly like the Pottery Barn garland, but I'm super-pleased with the results.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's not exact, but close enough that you can say you did it for less {or in this case, nothing}! What a great banner to have for the Fall, Carla! I can't believe they want $50.00 for theirs!

☞ ⒶⓃⓃⒺ ☜ said...

You did a fantastic fact, I like your version better!!!

marie said...

Yep! I like your version better too! Love the colors you used and really love the price!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla!I too love your version better.Cute! Thanks for the visit today.Always nice to see a new face.

Happy week to you!

Sassy Marsha said...

You are uber talented, girl!!


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