Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Laundry Woes

How true is it that we really don't miss a modern convenience until we are without?  

Having to do this . . . 

. . . hang every bit of my laundry . . . 

. . . out to dry.

Was a direct result of this . . . 

. . . my only 2-1/2 year old Samsung dryer . . .

. . . down for the count.  

The culprit?  
See that box up there?  That's the heater for the dryer. 
It was done. 

How about that? 
 Two and half years old, the most expensive dryer I've ever owned, and it's heater is done.

The repair guy said they have more problems with Samsung dryers then any.  I was, frankly, shocked.  Whenever we spend, say, more than a hundred bucks for something, Hubby is very, very good about doing his research on that product.  

He researched for months on the best washer and dryer ~ that we could afford ~ so much that I was begging him to make a decision. He found nothing but good reviews on the Samsung.  Maybe the units are too new to have bad reviews popping up just yet.  Don't know.  But we thought we were making a good decision.  

All I can say is I'm glad we spent the $150 for the extended warranty!

Having to hang the clothes out for a week really wasn't all that bad.  It does require a bit more time for the whole laundry process when you're line-drying though.  

And, there are some things that line-dry fabulously.

Bed linens, for instance.

There's nothing like making, then climbing into a bed whose linens were line-dried.  There's that fresh, clean-air fragrance on the sheets and crispness of being wiped around out on the line.

T-shirts, gym shorts, Hubby's button-down dress shirts ~ they all do very nicely dried on the clothesline.

Not so nice on the clothesline are towels, jeans, socks.  The all become stiff and cardboard-like.  Oh, and then, of course, there's my unmentionables.  No way do they go outside on the line.  I find a private place inside for those items to dry. ;o

Growing up, my Mother used her clothesline A LOT!  Oh, we did have a dryer, but she preferred to line-dry.  She would even hang clothes on lines crisscrossing in the basement if the weather didn't allow outside line-drying. 

Having to use the clothesline all last week got me thinking of how many "pretty" clotheslines I've seen over the years.  You know, out on country drives . . . colorful clothing or bed sheets or quilts hanging on all types of clotheslines.  Or how about photographs of clotheslines in European countries?  Some of those people go to literally crazy heights to line-dry their clothes! 
 I decided to Google image clotheslines, and thought I'd share some of the cool pics I found.  

Do you ever line-dry outside?  
I guess, for me, I've realized it's not so bad when I don't have to! 

And just to make you smile . . .  :o)

How cute is that?!

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Sassy Marsha said...

I LOVE the smell of clothes hung outside to dry. I had to do it once when my dryer died a couple of years ago.

I miss my MAYTAGS! They were close to 30 years old!

I do NOT like the new washer and dryer we have now. Sometimes the clothes come out dirtier than when they went in and I have to run the dryer a couple of times to get the clothes dried! They certainly do NOT make them like they used to.

We have an LG and I will NEVER NEVER buy a front loader again . . and as you know they were not CHEAP. I just hope they last at least half the time my Maytags did!!


Anonymous said...

Thought this was Blooming Tuesday not Bloomer Tuesday

Kerin said...

I hate mechanical problems of any kind! It's a good thing that you did have the warranty. Evidently, you needed it. What ever happened to the good old days, when the products that we bought were manufactured well enough to last, and last, without the hassle and expense of 'extended warranties?'
It is nice to have a clothesline though, and I miss mine terribly.
I guess I'm an old-ball, cause, I LOVE my towels line dried :)
Hopefully, the rest of your week will be great :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I couldn't agree more about there being no better smell than fresh linens (dried outdoors) when you jump into bed. I think it's my favorite smell in the world.
So glad you had that warranty. And I sure loved looking at all these lovely clothesline pics. : )
Mary Lou

Donna Heber said...


You are way ahead of me. If my dryer goes I don't even have a clothes line for back up. I hope your repairs are done quickly.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Incidentally, that Anonymous comment up there is from Hubby. Always the comedian :o)

shannon i olson said...

I love these photos, I always did love sheets on the line and then sleeping in them...towels yeah kind of scratchy, My grandma too always hung out stuff and hers was always nice, I think she fluffed everything a few minutes in the dryer after.
Such a wonderful modern convenience isn't it! We had washer problems for a while....oh I HATE hanging out at the laundry mat. ICK

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