Monday, June 6, 2011

A Stroll Through the Gardens

After a long week's worth of work in the gardens, I finally got the garden beds in order.  The other morning, I decided to stroll around the yard with my morning coffee and camera in hand.  I wanted to capture in pictures what all that hard work had produced.  Join me for a little garden tour.

We'll start on the deck.

This plaque, I purchased on clearance at Lowes last year, received a little makeover.  Welcoming everyone to our deck left it a bit dirty and faded - see below.  I almost didn't want to put it outside it turned out so well.  

Another welcoming plaque nestled in the flower bed by the deck steps.

And to greet you as you walk up the steps, Mister Bunny, who also received a makeover this Spring.  Last year he was grey, this year he's a new chocolate brown.

All the annuals are planted in their pots, planters and window boxes.  The veges have been planted, and seeds have been sowed.  The perennial and herb beds along with pond garden have been thoroughly weeded.   

Love this color Coleus.

The burgundy veins underneath pop against the chartreuse color leaves.

I finally got around to splitting one of my huge Hostas earlier in the spring.  Until I could find a place to replant the divisions, I put them in pots.  They started doing so well in the pots, I decided to use the potted hostas here and there for some foliage interested.  There's that shade of green again! I love it.

More Hosta under the table.  It needs it's shade.

I had to pair these two Coleus together.  When they get some size, I'm hoping the color combo will make a big statement.  

Another Coleus variety I really like.  Notice how I used a pot that mimicked it's colors?  ;o)  Can't wait for this one to get some size too.

All the plants are small now, but I'm patiently waiting for them to grow and flourish over the next few weeks.

This is the part of the garden season when I really love all my gardens/beds.  When all the plants are fresh and unruly.  Before the weeds take over, and before the some of the plants start waning from the summer heat. 

Another Hosta division.  She looks good there!

I've had this little guy for so long.  The base, his legs, have broken a few times, but I couldn't bear to throw him away.  He's been hanging around doing okay being all glued together!

Love this plant.  It's a perennial called Babtisia, or False Indigo.

Astibles ~ another early spring favorite.  I love them for thier spikey soft blooms and their foliage.
Oh, that pole there in the shot is a tiki torch.  

Bishops Sleeve, or Goutweed, is a nice groundcover plant.  It can be a little invasive, but it's easy to control by thinning.

That broken adirondack chair back is strategically hiding our heater vent.  
Waste nothing, right?!

The pond garden.  More Astilbe, Goatsbeard and Columbine.

A Water Hyacinth is getting ready to bloom.

And as soon as the sunlight shines on the pond, that beautiful bloom pops.

I use this plant, Lirope, a lot in the gardenings and landscaping.

This little guy was crouched down in the grass when I was wondering around by the pond.  He's so small and sweet.  I think he thought he was well hidden in the grass.  

There goes Mama bunny . . . or could it be Papa bunny?

These next few snaps are from the perennial garden.  

Lamb's Ear.  
Another plant I just love.

Not sure what happened here.  A couple years ago, I removed everything planted in this part of the perennial garden, enriched the soil and planted new Blackeyed Susans ~ Rudbeckia ~ and purple Lantana.  The first year all the plants did good.  They stayed small, but seemed happy in their new home.  The second year, the Lantana flourised.  It was growing like crazy, even spilling out into the gravel path.  This year, only a few snipets of the Lantana came back. I have no idea what happened.  The Blackeyed Susans seem to be doing okay.  Guess I'll be shopping at the nursery to find something new to fill the voids.

Hemeroacallis ~ Stella D'Oro Daylilies.

My whimsical little gnome swinging from the tree.  Every garden has to have a gnome, right?

The Herb Garden.
See that purple Clematis?  What a survivor that plant is.  You know how many times over the past, oh, say 10 years, Hubby has accidentally cut this vine down with the trimmer?  Too many to count!  Finally, it's starting to grow, and hopefully within a few years it will just about cover the iron fence that backs this garden.

The Lavender, below, will be in full bloom soon.

A favorite, Catmint, is blooming.

Another favorite herb, Germander, will be blooming soon.

Fragrent Thyme


A beautiful Spirea bush I planted years ago has grown nicely in this spot by the shed.  And there's Hubby's not so pretty unmarked police car ruining my shot!

Around the corner is more Lamb's Ear, Guara and a Butterfly Plant.

Russian Sage


This garden chair was a "free take me" at a yard sale last year.  It helps to detract a bit from the huge green septic cleanout hatches and white septic vent.  Of course, all this has to be right by the deck steps.  So it's virtually the first thing you see when you enter our backyard.

Thanks for visiting my garden.  I hope I didn't totally overwhelm you with all the pics!  This year, I'll have to consider doing before and after post . . . one reminding of how nice the gardens look now, and how bad they sometimes get in later in the season! 

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marie said...

Oh Carla,
Your gardens are fabulous! Like you I love Hosta and Coleus...I enjoyed seeing how you used it in so many differnet settings!

I have a lot of the same plants that you do, but somehow they don't look quite so good. : ) I may have to email you for some gardening tips! I will definitely be bookmarking this post for future reference!

Kerin said...

Your gardens are looking fantastic!
I've never planted coleus before... hmmm maybe I'll have to give that a try.
Love your little garden visitor!
Hopefully everyone can peacefully co-exists :)
Have a great week!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Everything looks great, Carla! I am a big fan of coleus, too, and love to put different combinations together especially with that lime green color. I hope you're sitting back this week enjoying all your hard work!

Darla said...

Everything does look great! I love all of your containers and container also have some great garden art around.

Racquel said...

Your garden is so neat & tidy, great job. I love all your pretty little accents like the signs & that turtle. So fun! :)

Zoey said...

I enjoyed this tour so much! I really liked all of your whimsical garden characters -- loving the brown bunny.

I think the lime green/purple coleus combo is going to be stunning.

Jean said...

Carla, It's good to have you back for Bloomin' Tuesday. Your garden is flourishing and I love all your Whimsical garden art! Great tour! Jean

daisy said...

You have so many beautiful blooms! Love the herbs you are growing. Thanks for stopping by Maple Hill! daisy

Carol said...

Carla your garden is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love Coleus and usually have a lot of them...this year the rabbits have decided they love them too and are eating them as fast as I plant them...does not make me a happy camper at all.
I love what your done with your hosta divisions too. Thanks for stopping in at my blog and I'll be back more often to visit!!!!

Kathy said...

Your garden is wonderful! Love all your plants - and the whimsical decorations here and there - would love to take a stroll through your garden,

Donna Heber said...


Oh my! I just adored strolling through your gardens! You have so many wonderful plants, including that pretty Coleus. I like how you have tied everything together with the garden decorations. What a sweet bunny - I just want to give him a hug!

Deb said...

Well...I loved going on a walk with you through your gardens. Love all the little extras, too. Re: lantana. I've planted that once before; I thought it was an annual--not sure. Mine were planted in pots down the front steps and didn't last. All your plants look wonderful.

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