Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No More Summer Slacking!

Around here, you can sense summer's coming to an end.  Hanging on to the last few days of sleeping in, staying up late, no real schedule, and blowing off stagnant home improvement and home dec projects.

About the only things I've kept up with this summer is the basic housework, my exercise routine, a weekly round of golf and some gardening. 

Son No. 1 went back to school in North Carolina last week.  Son No. 2, who lives on campus here in Delaware, and Son No. 3, who'll be starting 8th grade, start back next Monday.  And with only a couple weeks left in August, and the nights getting a bit cooler, you can certainly feel the change in the air.

So, next week I'm vowing to get myself back into . . . well, everything I've been putting off this summer.  

Like, straightening up and deep cleaning my craft room.  It's a mess!

Making a new counter skirt and window treatment in the craft room with this new fabric.  I think it's going to look great with the pink shaggy area rug and the green apple walls!

Cleaning up and sorting through all that stuff under the table in the living room.  What's the deal with all that junk? Well, that's stuff I was using when creating new summertime vignettes here and there around the house, and it just got stuffed under there.  Outta of site, outta of mind, right?!

Our master bathroom.  UGGHHHH!!!  I'm almost embarrassed to show these pics.  

We started this mini-reno almost exactly a year ago.  We had some drywall repair done and that begun the long needed makeover.  Because we honestly can't afford to replace fixtures and completely overhaul the bathroom, we're hoping some updates will help out this tired-looking space.  First of all, fresh paint on the walls.  Since we have to keep the big fixtures like the tub, shower, etc., I can live with their pale grey color, so I'm working with color scheme that compliments.  I tell everyone to think beach glass.  Pale greens, blues, greys and whites.  

A new tile floor and tile around the tub to cover the ugly cedar planking painted grey should help.  And some white bead board paneling on the front.  BTW, I hate that the tub is situated on an angle.  I've never been able to figure out what to do with all the space back there.  Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciate ;o)

I picked out glass tiles for the backsplash around the tub and behind the vanity, below, which will be getting a new coat of heirloom paint and a new vanity top and sinks, and, of course, new vanity hardware.  New light fixtures and new shower doors will give this bathroom the facelift it desperately needs.

This project, primarily the tiling, is Hubby's.  And it's been slow-going, mainly because he's been working tons of overtime, annnddddd playing quite a bit of golf on the weekends this summer. Which I can't complain about.  He's been working so hard, and golf really relaxes him.  He knows he's going to have to get busy back on the project soon, though . . . hint, hint, Hon!

Another project waiting in the wings for way too long is the painting and refinishing of the kitchen table and chairs (this table does have a leaf that's out right now and six chairs altogether).  The chairs are getting a fresh new coat of glazed heirloom white paint, and the table top's getting refinished with a new coat of stain - I think.  

Not sure if I should restain it or paint it.  Suggestions?  

And I haven't decided if I'm going to paint the base glazed heirloom white or black.  Guess it would depend on what I decide to do the top.  Again, suggestions?

So among so many other big projects needing to get down around here, such as; pulling up the carpet in the finished basement and putting down the wood floor we purchased over a year ago; painting and redecorating that space; repainting the third bedroom; restaining the boy's bathroom vanity; painting and organizing our master bedroom closet; etceterAH, etceterAH, etceterAH . . .  (saying that in my head in my best Yul Brenner voice from the King and I).

All these projects, big and small, are gonna require a big swift kick in the butt for me.  Part of the reason, besides just summer slacking for not getting a lot of them done or at least started, is I just think I've lost a bit of my mojo.  I need some real motivation to get these projects going and completed, and some serious inspiration to make some much need decor changes around my home.  

I'm hoping when Son No. 3 gets back into school next week, and I have a few full days at home alone, I can get going on these projects and more.  How are all of you getting back on schedule now that summer's almost over?   It can be a tough transition some years!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You've given yourself a full schedule this Fall, Carla! I'll be looking forward to seeing it all! Love the fabric for your new skirt. I like that combination of colors myself {well, it's in my blog banner so I guess everyone knows that!}. For that bathroom corner, I'd do either a tall grass floral {thinking beachy} in the corner and then stagger heights with maybe some candles and/or apothecary jars filled with epsom salts, bath salts, decorative soaps - that sort of thing. Even a rolled towel or two in a basket would fill that area nicely and you might already have what you can use on hand.

I like the tables I see with the stained top and painted base. What other wood is going on in the kitchen? Are your cabinets oak? If you do the chairs white, I'd do the base white.

Hopemore Studio said...

I share Kathy's opinion. My thought for the bathroom was to create a spa feel..I love the look of rolled towels, maybe a few teak & glass accessories to fill. For the kitchen table I'm feeling a bit more daring, I say paint the top and all. It were my project I might try out that new "chalk" paint everyone is raving about and then scuff the edges just a bit. What ever you choose it will look beautiful..you have such a good eye.


Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

I feel the same way Carla, lot's of projects to get going on soon as Hannahs back to school. I like the feeling of the change of seasons and how it gets me vamped up! Can't wait to see all you get accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your hubby needs to golf some more until the weather gets colder then he will probably take his time and do the projects right instead of rushing through them. Looks good so far.

GK said...

I don't know Carla...the serene vista of the bay still looks good for a few weeks!!! I'm with you on a lot of projects to tackle this fall -- but you know, the Autumn is always a good time for fresh beginnings, I think you'll get them all done. PS -- I like the idea of painting the table legs with the wood stain top, I just think it's a really nice look.

Kerin said...

Yes.. the summer has certainly gone by too quickly. It will be good to get back into a routine, and kick out some of your projects.
I would have gobs of candles and a basket of reading books sitting in that nook by the tub :)
I too want to paint our dining room table... my hubby doesn't think it's a good idea at all.
Let me know if you paint yours :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I hear you Carla about the summer slacking! That is the story in my house as well! I have a lot of projects that in my head so far! lol! I love the new fabric for your craft room! It will really update the space! I agree with all of Kathy's suggestions for that little corner in your bathroom...a plant & and some candles at staggered heights. My kids go back to school next week too...and then I plan to get moving on some things! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

Anonymous said...

Let your hubby play all the golf he wants maybe he will get tired of it and then finish the projects.

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla..saw this post today and thought about your little project:


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