Saturday, February 11, 2012

Been MIA

But now I'm back!

And I'm spreadin' some 

Been busy with this and that, especially the last couple weeks.

We had Son No. 1's college grad party back in mid-January.  I went on our annual girl's weekend getaway last weekend at The Swiss Woods B&B in Lititz, PA.  

Sheesh . . . I can tell I'm gettin' older.  Seems it took me nearly most of last week to recover from the late nights of girl-talkin' into the wee hours of the morning, too many second helpings of the delicious home-cooked meals, and a bit too much cocktailing each and every evening . . . okay. . . darn near all day long!

The weekend started six years ago primarily as a scrapbooking weekend.  But it's turned into more of a relaxing getaway with some of us scrapbooking during our spare time, and some relaxing with a book or just hanging out in front of the fire.  I did manage to get some pages done in a new album I started devoted to me and Hubby's vacations together.  

Once I get the finishing touches on the pages, I'll share some of the layouts.  First I have to unpack my supplies.  I haven't even gotten to that yet!

Actually, I have a few things I want to share in upcoming posts.  But for now, I'm sharing some 
V Day love accents from around my house.  

I love these napkins!  
I ordered them several years back from Tracey Buxton at Notes From a Cottage Industry.  

I also want to share my small collection of vintage V Day postcards.  Why don't people send pretty postcards anymore?  

I like displaying all my vintage postcards on this mirror by the kitchen.  Not only V Day, but Christmas, Easter and Halloween.  I've purchased most of them on Ebay.

And I love the handwriting.  

Makes you wonder about the senders and the recipients.  

Oh, and we had our first somewhat substantial snow.  It started flurrying last night, and I thought we were getting just a dusting, but this morning we awoke to a pretty snowfall.  I'd say a couple inches or a bit more.  

Today will be spent getting my scrapbooking supplies unpacked and getting my craft room in some sort of order.  It's a mess! Also, trying to spend some time catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

Hope you all have a Happy Saturday!

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Wow! You are all decked out for Valentine's Day! It all looks so great. I don't have a single decoration up this year. What's wrong with me! I love your new header too.

Girlie Blogger said...

Such lovely crafts are Valentine's Day. Like them all.
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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

First, I have to tell you that I love your blog background, Carla! : ) Gosh, I feel like I just read about your weekend last year not too long ago. I'm glad you had a great time. You've got some great pieces on display; love the little touches tucked in here and there!

Calypso In The Country said...

You have some beautiful Valentine's Day decorations! I have not put out one thing! I really should do at least something - so the kids don't feel neglected! How nice that you had a girls getaway! I desperately need one of those. As soon as this puppy is housetrained I am taking some kind of break! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Becky Shander said...

So many pretty, happy things here...keep enjoying.

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