Friday, February 17, 2012

Remembering Donna

Three nights ago, Valentine's night, I lost a very dear friend in a tragic car accident.

The news came by way of that dreaded late night phone call.  The shock and disbelief that my dear friend, Donna, was gone left me sleepless and in tears.

Donna was a beautiful person with a huge heart.  
A truly devoted and loving wife and mother to her two teenage girls.  
She loved her family with a deep passion.  

Donna with her sister-in-law Donna.  I don't think two sisters-in-law could be as close as these two. 
When you thought of Donna, you would think of all things Irish.  She honored her Irish heritage.  And she and her husband were huge supporters of their girl's Irish Dance.  

Donna demonstrating some Irish Dance moves down the hallway of a hotel
at one of the many scrapbook retreats we attended.
Donna loved the shore.  She dreamed of someday building a home near the beach on a piece of land she and her husband purchased years ago.  

She was a tiny thing with a big personality, gorgeous smile and an infectious laugh.  Fun-loving she was, never turning down an opportunity have fun with her girlfriends.  Donna was firecracker.  She told it to ya straight, but would be cautious of your feelings.  

The "Girls" at one of our many scrapbook retreat getaways.

Donna and I met almost 13 years ago.  Over the internet of all places.  We would joke about how we were proof that online relationships can work out.  

We met on a scrapbooking e-group based out of Indiana.  Imagine that!  Two girls from the small state of Delaware joined an online scrapbooking group started in Indiana.  

Our first Bunco get together back in 2005.
I contacted her off the board when I saw she was from Delaware.  You see, living in a small state like Delaware is almost like living in a small town.  You can be assured anyone you meet in Delaware knows someone you know, or is related to someone you know.  It's like that whole six degrees of separation theory living in this state.  

We became fast friends online.  Donna told me of some scrapbooking conventions she and her girlfriends had been to.   How much fun they were.   The inspiration found at them, and just the whole girl's getting away having a great time bonding.  

"Tailgating" in the parking lot of a scrapbook convention.
I convinced a few of my girlfriends to attend one in New Jersey in the winter of 2000,  where Donna and I planned to meet in person.  Funny, I remember a few of Donna's girlfriends later saying how they thought she was nuts planning to meet someone she'd only been in contact with online. 

Donna and I dancing the bump at a 70's theme Bunco party.
We all clicked fabulously!  And through Donna, I met a whole group of wonderful, supportive girlfriends that wouldn't be in my life today if she and I had not made those first steps to meet.

Donna and another dear friend Theresa.
I am heartbroken.
Achey at the thought that the next time all us girls get together again, Donna will not be with us.  Oh, I know she'll be there in spirit.  Her energy will surround us.  
But I will always miss her beautiful smile and big personality.

Donna and Mary celebrating at a Christmas Bunco a few years ago.
I last saw Donna at another girlfriend's Christmas party back in December.  We sat and chatted for quite a while.  I'm glad we had that time together, as we would sometimes go months and not talk or see one another because of busy life stuff.

Treasure every second you spend with the people you love.  
I think we sometimes forget how precious those moments are.
I miss her so much already.

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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Oh Carla, I am so sorry to hear this about your friend Donna. She looks like such a beautiful person inside and out and your post here today honors that. I am so sorry and a big hug to you. Lisa

florence said...

Wow! Carla so sorry to her this! Lots of love and hugs sent your way. <3 Florence

Lisa said...

Carla, I still can't believe it. I too couldn't sleep Tuesday night thinking this had to be a bad nightmare. I am so glad that I went to the scrap girls day out just last month. I remember I didn't want to go bec. it was cold, and I didn't feel like pulling my scrap stuff out. Brian was so nice serving us drinks. I still can't believe Little is gone. A bright light on earth went out that night for sure.

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, How much you loved Donna is evident in this beautiful tribute post. I can only hope time will heal this wound in your heart my dear friend.

Kim Shank said...

Hi Carla, What a beautiful memorial. This is the first blog I have ever joined and I did so after Lisa told me how touching your article about our beloved Little Donna was. This is so hard. I think we are all at a loss. Our lives will truly never be the same again. I wish now that I had figured out a way to go on some of those scrap booking weekends over the past few years. She had so much fun with you guys on those weekends and loved you all so much. Again, thank you so much for writing such a heartfelt, eloquent tribute. I cannot stop reading it and it really personifies her perfectly. Love you Girl!! Shanker

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Carla! What a tragic loss for her family & friends. Sending you hugs & prayers, Angie xo

Jillayne said...

She did have a beautiful smile.
Oh my, I am so sorry for this. She sounds just like the person to be your best friend - a kindred, fun-loving spirit that changes your life and you hope that in some way you can benefit theirs...
There can be a comfort for you, that you knew her, that you shared those times with her and she graced your life with herself.
I'm thinking of you....

Ann Marie said...

Carla I am so sorry that you have lost such a dear sweet friend. I will keep you and Donna's friends and family in my prayers. What a tragedy to lose someone who epitomized life! I smiled when you mentioned how people were appalled that you anf Donna were meeting IRL as I have met several people IRL after kniwing them online and my friends were also wary! Many hugs and lots of prayers!

Bodhi said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of such a dear friend. Hugs to all of you.

Shirl said...

Oh my, stumbled across your blog while hopping and I feel so sad that such a young life has been taken. You are surely going to miss your friend, lots of cyber hugs being sent your way.

Hugs Shirley x x

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