Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay. Here we go! As promised - as if you were waiting with bated breath LOL!!! - here are the before pics of our bedroom. I'm apologizing for the low light in the pictures. We're having a monsoon here today. Rain for three days. Lots of rain.

This is what you see as you're walking through the bedroom door. Not a big room. The bed is queen size, which will help you get an idea of the room's size. We aren't fortunate enough to have a spacious master suite. It's a good sized bedroom, but not a lot of extra space.

I'm keeping it real, my friends.
I touched nothing in this room before snapping the pics. Left the unattractive nick-nacks and cluttery stuff all around. I did make the bed! I'm good about that every day though. At least it keeps the room looking half-way decent!

In my defense, I have done nothing to this room in about 14 years when I painted the now ever-so-tired stripes. I did purchase new comforter and shams several years ago, and I removed the old valances that matched the previous bedding. But, as you can plainly see, never got around to getting new ones up.

There's really no style in this room. Just "stuff" plopped. The room's been kind of a dumping ground for stuff I didn't know what to do with. Like my soon-to-be-sold Longaberger Basket collection. Know anyone in the market for past pieces to the once popular May Basket line?

The view from the side of the bed looking out of the door into the upstairs hall. The bathroom is that door on the right. That's part of my basket collection I'm wanting to sell up there on that dated pine shelf. See all the "woodtone"??? I'm soooo tired of it all over the house.

I really love our bedroom furniture, but really wanting a change. I can see this furniture looking just beautiful painted black, but Hubby is quite insistent about it not being touched. Then I thought I could maybe get away with just painting the bed and mirror and chest at the foot of the bed black, but leaving the other pieces in their maple finish. I'm going to have work on Hubby reeeaaaal hard on this one. I wish he would just trust my vision.

A close-up view of the bed. I really love this furniture. The clean, simple lines. And it's super-well made. Dovetail joints, peg and wood glued constructed drawers. It's a very timeless style, in my opinion, except for the bed I think. I feel painting it black will give the whole look a little new breath of life.

I also would LOVE for the stained woodwork to be gone - all over the house for that matter. That's a change I'm not sure will ever happen, or at least a long time to do the whole house.

This view is from the foot of the bed on the window wall. That's the door into our walk-in closet . . . or dumping ground! And the TV sits on a mismatched end table out of site in that little alcove. I would love for Hubby to mount it on the wall in that corner. Some day . . . Like the "tired" little ladder shelf with absolutely nothing on it???

This is the fabric I'm planning on using for the new valances/cornices - haven't decided exactly which yet. It was fabric purchased for another project that didn't work out. I really love it, and can't wait to use it.

Wish you could really see the lovely shade of sagey green in this fabric. Love it to death!!!

The rocker/glider in the corner is also going - most likely Craig's List - and I have a petite wingback chair in the basement I'm going to recover (hopefully in the same fabric) and place there.

I haven't decided exactly which of the colors below I want to paint the room. I was thinking of one of the neutral colors on the wall and the "Brick" color on the ceiling. I really like that color, and want to use it somehow, but not sure I want to paint the walls that color. That color is very close, a little darker, to the color of the stripes on the wall, and I'm thinking I should do something different. But maybe not . . .

So, I need your opinions, and not just on the questions below, but any comments, suggestions, ideas you may have for helping me to transform and update my tired, boring bedroom would be soooo greatly appreciated!

What do you think of painting black the bed, mirror and hope chest at the foot of the bed?

Which color do you think would work best on the walls/ceiling?

I'm leaving you with some photos of bedrooms I love that I've found from various sources on the web. Each one has a little this or that about the room that I like. As you can see, there's quite a variety of styles and colors, but each one gives me inspiration.

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Kerin said...

Morning Carla.
I adore the sage and cream fabric.
I think that if you are in love with the color samples that you have, then you should use those colors! The sand color would be beautiful on the walls. I would have the trim and ceiling white.. it's classic. I love the brick color and would use it to paint the wall behind your bed. I think the fabric would make lovely valances above your windows and throw pillows on your bed. I am sure it will turn out beautiful, what ever you decide. Having solid color on the walls will be a dramatic change from the stripes. Happy painting.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I totally understand the stained wood and hubby's! I do think the furniture would look great painted black. Traci and Beneath My Heart is redoing her master and just painted a four poster black, if you wanted to see what it looked like. It looks fantastic! I am currently painting a pine armoire in our guest room black {actually waiting for paint to dry as I type this!}.

I'd probably take the wall color from the fabrics you have in the room. Our ceilings are white because that's hubby's input.

Sweet Tea said...

Love the fabric.
Sage green is beautiful in any room, IMO. I think "brick" color looks FAB with sage. Why not paint the wall behind your bed that color and make it the accent wall, then paint the other 3 wall a neautral...Forgive me, but I think it would be a mistake to paint your furniture...I'm having issues with our bedroom also. Please check it out and give me your suggestions.

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