Friday, June 25, 2010


As delinquent as I've been about posting lately, I bet ya'll thought I'd already been away on vaca.


Just been too busy to blog. This past week has had me running here and there . . . working . . . baseball practice . . . getting the house ready for us to be away . . .

I know many of you can relate!

Come Sunday, me and Hubby and Son No. 3 will be flying off to the Sunshine State.

It's just going to be the three of us. Sons 1 and 2 have work and school and girlfriends and all that other older kid stuff. Besides, it had dawned on us that Son No. 3 had not had the Orlando experience since he was four.

A month or so ago, Hubby booked a wonderful, quick get-away for us.

I'll tell you, that man missed his calling. If he hadn't decided to go into law enforcement, I'm sure he could have had a fabulous career as a travel agent/adviser. LOL!!! He finds the best deals on trips/vacations. Every vacation we've ever taken, he has done all the research, booking, etc.

All I need to do is know when to pack my suitcase!

We'll be staying at what looks like a gorgeous resort,

The Villas Of Grand Cypress
in Orlando

It's a golf resort, so we're hoping just maybe we can get in a teeny bit of golf.

We won't be doing Disney while in Florida. Honestly, we've never really been "Disney People", or more specifically The Magic Kingdom. We did take the boys a couple years in a row about nine or so years ago, and they really weren't into The Magic Kingdom. Maybe if they were girls??? We all found that we just LOVED Universal Studios.

And that's where we'll be headed . . .

Universal Studios and Universal's Islands of Adventure.

I'm super-excited about the new Harry Potter Park (I just love the Harry Potter Series!) that's just opened at Universal - June 16th to be exact. I heard there's been an 8 hour wait for the rides.

Uhhhh . . . don't think sooo . . .

But it will be totally cool to walk around and see how they transformed scenes from the movies into real life.

We're also planning to hit one of Disney's two water parks - Blizzard Beach.
It's a water park designed like a ski resort. Clever and cute, huh?

Another exciting excursion we have planned is going to see the Cirque de Soleil show

La Nouba

at Downtown Disney.

"La Nouba is a mesmerizing and extraordinary avant-garde circus spectacle."

Finally, we're planning on taking the short drive from Orlando to Cocoa Beach for part of one day.

If we plan to hit the beach on the last full day, it could possibly be an opportunity for us to relax!

You know how sometimes vacations aren't all too relaxing because you're going and going and going? I'm sure this trip will keep us busy mostly every waking minute.

I have a busy couple days coming up . . . grad party . . . all-star baseball game . . . packing for trip . . . cooking some meals for the big boys for while we're away . . .
So, I won't be posting until we get back next weekend.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Paula said...

Sounds like a blast Carla! Have lot's of fun in the sun girl!

Kerin said...

Have the best time Carla!
Send me a post card :)
Be safe and take lot and lots of pictures!!

Darlene said...

Can I stow away in your suitcase?? It looks like you are going to have THE BEST time!! What fun!!

marie said...

Have a super great time! I'm really interested in hearing about Harry Potter park. From what I've heard it's suppose to be awesome!
My daughter has been to La Nouba - it's her favorite Cirque de Soleil.
I hope you enjoy it all!
I bet son #3 is looking forward to some special time with you and his dad.

Sweet Tea said...

You go girl!
Looks like nothing but pure FUN ahead. Enjoy!!

Hopemore Studio said...

Have a blast, I'm looking forward to all the stories.


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