Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My gardening mojo that is!

Can you endure yet another garden post????
This will be the last for a while . . . I promise!

I got totally motivated to get lots done around the gardens/yard this past weekend. Working out in the 90 degree heat 3 days solid. I don't think I've ever sweat so much! It was so rewarding, though. I got a good bit of those not-so-fun tasks like laying straw in the veg bed,

The old, dilapidated wheel barrow that Hubby keeps threatening to throw away. I moved it to a corner of the veg bed and filled 'er up with some flowers.

pulling the never ending weeds in the perennial garden,

I know. You see some weed there in the gravel paths. I'm having a hard time trying to totally eradicate all that blasted weed. I'm done fighting with it, so later in the season, I'm planning on removing the gravel and adding good soil and laying sod creating new, grass paths. Time for a change.

mulching the landscape beds,

trimming the shrubs

I'm hoping I didn't damage these Helleri Holly bushes. They were growing over onto the sidewalk pretty dramatically. Guess I'd been too timid in trimming them over the years. I heard they could be cut way back and would give new growth.
I'm crossing my fingers . . .

and potting up the last of the annuals that have been begging for larger homes.

One of my favorite annuals - Ipomea or Sweet Potato Vine. If you've never grown it, you have to search for it. It comes in several color ways and it will vine beautifully.

Just LOVE this variety of Coleus I found! It's called Kiwi Fern. So cool!

I really don't like the look of all that straw and plastic in the vege bed,

but it's a necessity for me. I love the look of the fresh, rich soil . . .
until the weeds come - ugghhh!
The plastic in the paths keeps the weeds down, and the straw keeps the soil as moist as possible and cuts back a little on the weeds around the plants. The day I did that job it was around 92 degrees, add the extra heat radiating from the black plastic was like being in a sauna. I'll tell ya, I was literally drenched.
I had to have sweat off a few pounds that day! ;o)

My potting bench needs to be cleared off a bit. Lots stuff just plopped there for now. That somewhat scary, weird looking thing standing up there in the corner is actually a scarecrow. It's a bunny head on a plank stake with hinged "arms". The arms hinge out so she can be dressed and placed in the garden. Her hat's gone, and I tried to repaint her face last year. Think she might need a little bit of a makeover this year!

This planter basket had a sweet little Impatiens that was well on it's way. Unfortunately, the birds loved the coco hull liner to use in nest building. So now it's a nice "planter" for some small clay pots.

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Kerin said...

I for one, LOVE the garden pictures!! Keep 'em coming !!
Don't let your husband throw away the wheelbarrow!! Men just don't see the potential for the cute factor of such an item :)
I plant sweet potato vine in my front zinc pots!! I love it!! And my favorite variety is the lime green one:)
Have a gorgeous day !!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, what a treat over here today!!! Kudos to you on all the work in the garden and yard. Those beautiful heads of lettuce make my heart skip a beat. They're beautiful!!!
Great idea with the plastic and straw. I'll have to remember that one. Your flower box is just delightful too. And what a great job on the shrub trimming.
Have a good day, Carla.

Darlene said...

Hi Carla,

I LOVE seeing your pictures of your flowers and gardens. It looks like something right out of a magazine!!!!!!! You definitely have a GREEN thumb and have them decorated so beautifully. I want to see more!!!

Mary Ann said...

I love looking at gardening pics. Yours are lovely. Don't forget to stay hydrated when you're out there in that heat working.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

You can keep the garden pictures coming...fine by me! I'm a bit envious...your have several very nice gardens...and I wish my vegetable garden looked as nice as yours does right now!

marie said...

I love all your garden pictures ~ I need all the "gardening mojo" inspiration I can get!!

All your gardens are beautiful. I'm working on establishing an area of shade loving perennials ~ it's SLOW going!

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