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Wow!  Can't believe it's been a whole week since I've blogged.  Wish I could say I've been busy with this and that, but I really can't.  I've been a little busy with "this", but not a whole lotta "that" this past week.  I did have to work an extra day this past week, and I have been getting some stuff down around the house, and slowly getting Halloween decor . . . but in all, not much has gotten done 'round here.

I want to share with you these gorgeous and sweet pendant necklaces I purchased from a blogging friend, Cindy Gilstrap.  I found Cindy's Etsy Shop a few years ago, before I was a blogger, and before I realized she had a blog 

Her Etsy Shop is stocked with handmade treasures, sweet vintage items, and new and vintage supply items for making your own creations.  

And her second Etsy Shop, 

is where you'll find her beautiful hand created pendant necklaces, buttons, magnets, etc.

Below is a sampling of some of cool things Cindy sells in her Etsy Shops.

vintage milk bottle caps

plastic berry beads

vintage wrapping paper
spool and bird DIY kit

magnet set
number magnets in tin

Cindy's also a contributing artist at the Joli Paquet Blog.  A blog where several fabulous blogging artists share their talents through free tutorials.  

Now that you know all about Cindy :o), on to the sweet necklaces I snagged from her Etsy Shop.  Cindy is having a special on these new items in her shop.  Buy three, get one free.  And at just $6.95, how could one resist!  

First, when you order from Cindy, she packages every single item with the most gorgeous detail.  It's like Christmas morning when you open the box!  

Aren't these pendants beautiful?!  

The one below, with the bee and crown, was so cleverly created using a scrabble tile.

Love that!

I can't wait to wear these pendants.  I'm tempted to wear them all at the same time!   

Cindy was also very nice and helpful to me when I was in the "thinking about" stages of my blog.  She kindly answered several email questions about starting a blog, etc.
If you've never visited any of Cindy's sites ~ her blog, Etsy Shop or over at Joli Paquet ~ you really don't want to miss out on all she has to offer.  

Thanks for visiting!
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Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing this site -I did purchase -she has so many incrediable choices -they are all so great. I love supporting etsy -there are so many talented people in this world :-)

dj said...

thanks for posting them! will check out her etsy store and blog. wonderful pieces.


Kerin said...

Super cute pendants Carla!
I'm going to have to check out these sites.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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