Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I can think of almost nothing else that spruces up a room like fresh paint on the walls.

A few posts back, I mentioned we'd been painting pretty much the whole first floor.  
{In case you been wondering where the heck I've been the past week, this is what I've been up to!} 
After having some drywall repair done on many of our walls on the first floor, the painting started up again.  We had the same type of work done on the second floor this summer that I blogged about here.  And after two weeks of work on the first floor, I finally finished the other day.  


We've had overcast, rainy days the past few days or more, and I couldn't get real good pics of the color on the walls.  I'm sooo thrilled with the new look.  The colors are a little darker then what we had previously, and I used a satin finish instead of the eggshell I'd used before.  And, again, I used that new paint from Lowe's - the Valspar Hi-Def.  

The color on above the chair rail is called Churchill Hotel Maple.  It's in the "National Trust for Historic Preservation" line.

  The color below the chair rail is Mark Twain's House Tan, from the same line.  

Although painting can be a bit laborious, time consuming, messy, it does help prompt a good, deep cleaning.  Not only are the walls and ceilings clean and smooth and spotless, but all the baseboards and floors behind and underneath furniture get a good scrubbing as well.  Hey, might as well take advantage of the furniture being all shoved to the center of room!

I'm so glad to have all this painting done, especially in time for the Holidays.  The only room not done yet is our master bathroom.  That room's getting a major overhaul ~ new tile floor, new tile surround for the tub, new countertop and sinks, etc.  So far, not much has been done in there.  A few pieces of cement board have been laid around the tub deck.  The list to do in that room is almost overwhelming.

Now I can concentrate on Christmas.  I now it may sound nuts . . . well, maybe not to a lot of you.  Every year I wish I'd started just a week or two earlier in my Christmas preparations.  This year I'm doing it.  I have plans for many handmade, hand sewn, hand crafted gifts, and I need to start now.  I may even start pulling out some of the Christmas trees and decorations November 1st!!!

With the painting done, something else to get busy on are the last few details on the master bedroom redo.  Almost there! Just a few more little odds and ends to finish up, then I can share the big reveal!  It won't be too fantastical, but it's coming along nicely, and a big change from how the room has looked for the past 16 years!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's amazing how a fresh coat of paint can give a room a whole new look! You sound real pleased with your choices, Carla. Love those plates and your bird prints. I'm with you regarding Christmas. I always say I could use extra time to have gifts ready or pick up this/that. I think a holiday to do list is in order!

Kerin said...

Everything looks so terrific! What a great feeling to be able to start out the major holiday season with everything fresh !
Love the color choices.....very relaxing.
Have a terrific day tomorrow !

Paula said...

Ahhh...nothing says clean like fresh paint!! I'm so due to paint our whole downstairs too...yikes!
Happy halloween Carla from downstate! Just crazy weather lately huh?

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