Tuesday, February 22, 2011


That's what I've been doing . . . 

for the past five days ~ counting today.  I haven't set foot outside my house since last Thursday.  And I've been loving every minute of just futzing around.  

I've been playing with some new surface vignettes.  Setting out and displaying a lot of the things I just love to look at.  I really enjoy walking through the house and catching glimpses here and there of some my pretties.

I filled this metal basket with those bargain Tekla dish towels that Ikea sells that make great oversized everyday cloth napkins, along with some vintage sliver utensils.  The flatware was Hubby's grandmother's, and the bakelite handled steak knives were my parents.  A wedding gift from 55 years ago.  
It's the "centerpiece" of the kitchen table.

The top of the hutch got a new look too.  Gone are all the pinks and reds of Valentine's Day.  Now I have displayed a few more of my favorites.  
Vintage caning jars. I just love 'em.  Ball, Atlas . . . I don't care.  
If they're old, I'll grab 'em up!
And, I have to mention the gorgeous sign hand crafted by the very talented
Paula from Castle and Cottage Signs
is still the crown above the hutch.

In a couple chicken wire baskets I purchased in shop at the Chelsea Market in NYC, are more Ikea dish towels along with some Johnson Bros. Snowhite Regency ironstone plates.  A couple pitchers from my collection ~ a Hall strawberry topped creamer and Johnson Bros. Harvest Time pitcher.  See that green pitcher in back?  That pitcher graced our dinner table every evening when I was a kid.  It was my job to make iced tea for dinner in that pitcher every night.  Not sure what it is.  The only marking on the bottom is the number 30. I should do some investigative work on that piece.

A couple pieces from my salt-glaze pottery collection. 

My new, well new to me, favorite book right now.  

Oh, and do you have Serena's Christmas Book?  Again, not entirely new, but I purchased it right before C'mas and literally could not put it down.  
It's fabulous! 

Atop my fridge, I put yet more of the Ikea dish towels on a cake plate.  
Towels Under Glass
Guess you can tell I really love those towels :o)
I just love textiles in general.  

I've also been doing some cleaning and organizing of my dresser drawers and closet.  That's a YUK job.  

I've been sewing some pillows . . . finally.  I bought a bunch of fabric months and months ago for new family room pillows and it's just been sitting.  So I'm finally getting to that.

And I've been working on the Easter Egg Swap I joined over at Thimbleprims.  Been tinkering around with redoing my blog, too.  Wish I knew what I was doing there!  Hopefully I'll have some of these finished projects done soon.  But, with having to get back to work tomorrow and Thursday, they may have to wait a few more days.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sometimes I think you just need to be able to do that, Carla! I hope you enjoyed your time at home. My three day weekend went by a little too quickly for me. I like those towels!

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