Friday, February 4, 2011


Back from Lititz.  
Little late checking.  Kinda took an unscheduled little blogging break 
~ from posting and reading.

Last weekend was fantastic. As always!  It's amazing how fast the time goes when you're hanging out with good friends.   It's sad when the weekend's over.  And, of course, I didn't take near as many photos as I should have.  Like I've mentioned before, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to fuss with the camera.

Although this weekend started out years ago as a scrapbooking retreat weekend, it's evolved into more of just a girl's weekend of getting away ~ relaxing and hanging out.  This year, four of us scrapbooked, one started a pre-fabed album for her first grandbaby that's on the way :o), and four others hung out . . . read . . . played card games . . . . just relaxed.  We arranged for a massage therapist to come in, and she spent a day and half giving us all massages.  That's almost the highlight of the weekend for me! 
That, and the food.  
Oh my!  

Because where we stay is a B&B, it's no surprise the breakfasts are amazing.  Well, all the meals they prepare for us are just delicious, but breakfast is extra special.  

Debbie and Werner ~ pronounced Verner because he is Swiss ~ the innkeepers, are wonderful.  They treat us almost like family when we're there.  Every year we're greeted with hugs and smiles.  Their hospitality is amazing.   

They make us feel like guests in their home not just patrons of their business. 

They completely transform the inn's great/common room into a place for us to scrapbook and hangout by moving furniture and setting up tables to work.  This year, Werner placed a huge chimnea on the back patio where we could take breaks from inside, and sit outside in the crisp winter air and enjoy the warm fire and scenery.  

Between the inside fireplace and the chimnea, I bet we went through 10 cords of wood over the weekend!  

Funny thing, too, is the last 2 or 3 years we've gone, it's either snowed the day we were to check in, or it snowed while we were there 
{This year, it snowed the day before and of check in, and it snowed two days while we were there!}.  

So, Debbie and Werner joke that we bring them snow when we come!  This year, we not only brought snow, but a new kitty.  

This sweet, friendly stray literally showed up the day we arrived and were unloading our bags.  We thought she was a new kitty, but Debbie said she'd never seen her before.  That kitty seemed right at home at the Inn.  Debbie jokingly said if she stays, she was going to name her "Scrappy" in our honor!

I just can't go on enough what a great weekend this is.  To have the opportunity to get away with good girlfriends and hangout together relaxing, being silly, engaging in serious girl talk or not so serious! hehe . . . it's the best.  Not having a care in the world for almost four days, and lounging around in jammies ~ and no make-up and braless! hehe ~ all weekend, 
it's a good thing ;o) !!!!

Chocolate after dinner shots.
A little strong?!
A breakfast cocktail in a gifted heart flute.
Since this weekend started out as a scrapbooking weekend, I felt it only fitting that to honor it's origins.   I put together a couple projects for the non-scrappers and scrappers.  {detailed pics of the projects are below}.  

Ann Marie, Pam, Beth and Tracy putting their mini albums together.

We all put together a min-photo album for pics of our weekend.  I pre-cut and partially assembled some of the pages and components ahead.  The girls pretty much just had to slap some adhesive on the pieces and put the pages together.  

We also created some Valentine's Day cards using Making Memories Love Struck card pad.  The "cards" were already pre-cut and scored, we just had to add some embellishments and bling.

Even though it's supposed to be a "rejuvenating" weekend, I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things this week.  I've been dragging big time.  Maybe it's my age. Can't handle a whole weekend of partying and carrying on LOL!!!  Not only has it taken me this long to post about our great weekend, I haven't even checked in on any of my favorite blogs. Just haven't been in a computer mood.  Been jumping on quickly to check emails, pay a few bills, and that's it!

So, it's been back to reality for me this week . . . 
working, housecleaning, laundry, meals, etc.   
Almost can't believe the weekend's come and gone.  Now we have a whole 11 months to look forward to next year!

The mini album is created using page protectors for a 6x6 album.  This is a great way to create a little gift album in a hurry.  And it's cost effective in terms of using materials.  You can get 4 pages out of one piece of 12x12 cardstock!


The unattractive holes of the page protectors are covered with a "binding"
made from patterned paper and ribbon.

The cards were even easier and faster to put together using the pre-printed cards from the card pad below.

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Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, Carla, your getaways sound like pure heaven! I can totally understand you having a difficult time getting back in the s
wing of things!!!

I would love to be able to have retreats like this, especially one with massages!!!! Ahhhhhhh . . . .

Welcome home :)


Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, Carla, your getaways sound like pure heaven! I can totally understand you having a difficult time getting back in the s
wing of things!!!

I would love to be able to have retreats like this, especially one with massages!!!! Ahhhhhhh . . . .

Welcome home :)


Hopemore Studio said...

Your weekend looked fabulous. I wouldn't worry about not being in the mood to post or blog surf. I think time away from the computer is a really good thing. Winter is a great time to refocus.


Kerin said...

What a lucky girl you are!
Looks like you all had a great time together, and made some great projects!
Good luck getting back into your normal routine... it will be hard after all the fun you had :)

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Looks like another fun year in Pa for you! I wondered when you left about the latest blizzard we were getting...glad you made it & had so much fun!

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