Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving A Mountain

That's what I've been doing this past week.  
Moving a mountain of mulch.  
Hubby helped a bit, but I did most of it.  No complaints, though.  I don't mind a bit doing hard work outside.  I consider it a "workout".  

We've kind of neglected our landscape beds lately.  We never even got around to mulching last year, so this year it was a must.  

That pile started out as 5 yards of mulch.  As of today, it's been totally spread in all the necessary areas

I also got my perennial bed cleaned up and mulched too.  It looks soooo much better.  

I mentioned in a post a while back that I was "dissolving" my herb garden.  So, I've decided to devote the back section of the perennial garden to herbs.  I'm using the old bottom of my bird bath to hold a pot of mint, hoping as it grows it will trail down creating a kind of sculpture in the garden.  Better that way then to plant it in the ground.  Gardeners know you really don't ever want to plant mint in a garden if you don't want to take over everything.  Cause it will!

I've also decided to add some pavers to the pea gravel area of the perennial bed.  

I have the hardest time keeping the weeds down in the gravel.  
I'm hoping adding the pavers will help. . . that and keeping plenty of weed killer on hand!  And I think it looks a whole lot better too.

It's a little early around these parts for annuals, but I couldn't resist buying a few packs of flowers.  They're for my window boxes on the front of house, but I've been so busy with the beds, I didn't get them planted.  Still wanting to enjoy them, I plopped a couple of the packs in a basket and put on one of the tables on my deck.  I love petunias.

I just love how all the plants and gardens look this time of year.  All the new, fresh green.  Everything looks so healthy and ready to show off their blooms.  

Later in the season, that rustic piece of fencing behind the garage will be filled with morning glory vines.  They self-seed every year.

The flower bed around our little pond is starting to pop.  Still working on getting the water clear.  As the weather warms, and there's more sunlight, the algae grows causing the green color.  I've been treating the water, and it should clear up soon.  I miss seeing my fishies in there!

Very soon the peonies will start blooming.  They are my most favorite flower.  I love their shape, their smell.  I just wish they bloomed longer into the season.

Some hostas I dug up and divided last spring, but didn't get a chance to replant came back in their pots this year.  Yay!!!  I should probably get around to replanting this year.  But for now, they look good on the chippy bench on the deck.

 The shots below are the view from the bay window in our family room that I took this morning.  Today's going to be a chilly, rainy, windy day.  A nor'easter is blowing through, and we're expecting lots of rain the next couple days.  I'm actually looking forward to a few rain days.  I can use the time to get some things done indoors that have been on hold with all the outside work being done.

The winds are blowing the blossoms off the kwanzan cherry tree making it look like pink snow on the ground.

Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday.  

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I've been holding off on buying any plants, too, Carla. I don't trust this weather and will probably just wait to my normal Mother's Day weekend. Fresh mulch always makes a bed look so nice. I also need to get a couple of pavers for an area by our driveway, but I figure I'll just get them and my plants at the same time.

Shannon said...

Your gardens and beds are lovely. A beautiful testiment to all your hard work. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Your flower gardens are beautiful!!! All of that hard work has paid off.

Kerin said...

Wow Carla..
I'm impressed. You've worked very hard, and everything looks so nice!

I planted some chocolate mint in the old horse watering trough... that way it couldn't consume the entire yard :)

Enjoy your Sunday.

p.s My best friend has 2 sons that are headed to Deleware tomorrow. They are going to live there for a few months and work :)

Kerin said...

Whoops.. sorry, I'm sleepy..
of course I meant to spell Delaware correctly :)

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Mulching is such a huge job. We now do it every other year. Pine needles are big down here...but for most areas in our yard I prefer the look of mulch. Although I do have one big shady area on the side of our house that we use pine needles in. Your gardens are looking a lot better than mine! Very nice. Like that pond you have too.

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