Friday, April 6, 2012

Petite Paint Pots

We're still working on the small redo of our master bathroom.  Funny how a small reno project is taking so much time to finish.  The work officially began in this bathroom way back in July of 2010 when we had some drywall repair work done.  We're coming up close to two years of my bathroom being semi-torn apart.  
It's time to "git-r-done", don't ya think?!

Well, I guess it's not that small.  We're doing quite a bit of tiling around the whirlpool tub, the backsplashes around the tub and vanity countertop and tiling the vinyl floor.  We ordered a new vanity counter top, and I'll be painting the vanity cabinet base white.  Of course the walls will need to be painted, and for that I've had some trouble picking out a paint color. I want the colors in there to flow with the fairly new bedroom colors.

The bedroom colors:
Ceiling - "Tranquility"
Walls - "Juniper Breeze"
When describing the colors I'm going for, think of a spa feel or beach glass.  
 Those restful blues, greens, greys, light browns.

In doing this small reno of our bathroom on a tight budget, we're leaving the main fixtures - toilet, tub and shower stall. When we had this house built back in 1993, we choose a color called Dove Grey for those fixtures, which is a pale grey, and I can live with that color.  Unlike the rose, laminate countertop I picked for the vanity.  Yuck!!!  As I mentioned, we've ordered a new solid, granite-like countertop with  molded sink bowls.
What was I thinking with that rose?????  
Guess I was still influenced by the decor colors of the 80's.  

Anyway, in trying to find the right color, I used Lowe's Valspar sample paints. {I love Valspar paint!  Especially the "Hi-Def" which has a primer mixed in.  It's a good quality paint at a good price.}  
What a wonderful thing!  
Instead of committing to a gallon, you get 7.7 ozs of paint that will cover a 4 foot square area for less than $3.00.  And whatever's left over, can be used for small craft projects, etc.

The pictures below are "swatches" I painted on different walls of the bathroom where the light hits differently at different times of the day.

I really thought I wanted one of the blues up there (Blue Sail and Peaceful Slumber), but I was afraid it would like too much like a little boy's room blue, know what I mean?  So, I ditched the blue idea and I'm going with Beach House, that color in the center.  It's actually close to the color of the walls in our bedroom.  I wanted a depth of color in between the pale grey walls and the maroon accent wall I had painted umpteen years ago.  

I bet you can make a good guess on what I'll be doing this weekend!  
Or at least I better be doing ;o)
Keeping my fingers crossed I've picked the right color.

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Cordyceps said...

Lovely work on wall paint! I’m definitely going to visit the blog frequently.

Kerin said...

Carla.. I remember when you started to re-do the bathroom.
Don't worry... you'll get it done, and it will be beautiful!

I love the color in the center too... and I agree, the other colors do seem a little too blue.

Love that 'Juniper Breeze", what a calm, peaceful, comfy color.

Have fun with your renovation work, and have a wonderful Easter!

Jillayne said...

Good luck Carla! I am a true Mrs. Dithers when it comes to paint colour but I have finally learned to trust my gut! And sticking to neutrals helps!!
You'll have to post pics when it's all said and done....

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