Wednesday, January 20, 2010


How can that be, you ask? Usually errands are like a chore, right? Not for me . . . at least not today. Oh, it involved the post office, running into WalMart for envelopes and packing supplies, vitamins, new shower caddy -boring stuff. While at WalMart, I did grab up these boxes of Sweatheart candies for Son. No. 2's girlfriend.

She's a huge Twilight/New Moon fan - like every other young girl on the planet. They were only a buck a box. How could I pass them up! I've already bought her the heart box of chocolates with all three on the front. Good thing I don't have a girl - I'd be "broker" then I already am! ;o)

Do you get this magazine (click on "magazine" to sign up for your free subscription) in the mail?

It's free, and I've been getting it for years. There's always tons of great ideas. What really caught my attention in this issue, was this ad for a product kit by Modern Masters called Countertop Transformations.

I have been wanting to change the countertops in all our bathrooms for a long time now. But not having any money at all in the budget for such a big expense, I'm always looking and trying to find the most economical way we can do it when the time is right. This stuff looks great! I stopped in Lowe's so I could
see it . . . touch it . . . feel it . . . price it.
It may be the way to go when the time is right.

I also decided to take a look-see in the local Goodwill. Usually I find pretty much nothing in ours. I'm seriously thinking of sending Lisa over at Pickles and Cheese a blank check some day and have her snatch me up some goodies at her GW. She finds the greatest stuff!

That little flower pot is adorable! Love the color. The platter is silverplate.

A dollar a piece for the milkglass vases.

This picture was bought for it's frame. It will definitely be getting a new coat of paint and something else featured in it. Although, I'm a little intrigued with the artwork. It's signed and dated on the back and also written is "Caracas, Venezuela", which I assume is location for the little oil painting itself.

Well, I think I did pretty good today! I walked out with, what I think, to be some pretty decent things (not pictured are 3 books - 2 RD Condensed books and Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle. That'll be for my girl's wkend away next month!) all for $10.50 TOTAL!

The one thing I'm most excited about, and didn't even realize what it was till I got home, is this Lenox votive holder. It's from Lenox's Wedding Promises line, and I found it/them (they're originally sold as a pair) online for $40 - that was a sale price! I just think it's so delicate and pretty and doesn't scream wedding at all. And look at that . . . I paid $2 for it. Yippie!

Last stop today was at the drugstore to pick some Tarn-X to shine up my new sliver piece. I couldn't wait! And those two magazines just jumped right into my bag! ;o)

On a side note, I mailed out the LOVE tag garlands to those of you who sent me addresses. Those of you who haven't, don't forget to email me so I can send you your gift!

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Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, You are having far better luck at your GW than I am these days. I had time to run into 3 thrift stores this week and I walked out with nada, nothing, zip. I love the Lenox vase, so beautiful.


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I was happily reading along and then saw me and my blog mentioned!! Thanks so much for that! You really got some great things today. My visit to the Goodwill today was a loss. Nothing! But hit or miss is the name of the game there. You had a great hit today. I especially love that pale/blue/turquoise flower pot! Well done!!

Darlene said...

I stopped in at my GW today too but it was a bust...nothing! You got some fabulous deals at yours. Magazines always jump into my basket when I go shopping too. I think I have a magazine addiction. I order FAR too many of them. I picked up those same conversation (Twilight) hearts for Lexi for Valentines Day. She will love them!

Cheryl said...

WOW! I stopped at my local
Thrift store today, too!
I found a few treasures
to bring home with me.
I found some old children's
story books. They have beautiful
pictures of fairies and fantasy
landscapes in them. My Mom had the same set when I was younger. I remember looking at them. I also found a yellow and white tea cup and saucer. I was a happy shopper.
Can't wait to receive the LOVE tag garland. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

OMG Carla I was at the GW yesterday after Jazzercise and totally looked at the milk glass vasses. I thought they would be neat for my scraproom to hold my extra long paint brushes. I totally missed that awesome framed print the frame is nice. I came home with a metal green/verdigis urn for $3.00 really cute.

I got the Lowes magazine this week also and the countertop transformer kit totally got my attention too-I even showed Dave to get his imput. I don't know if I would want to tackle my entire kitchen but maybe my bathroom would be small enough to start. Our house is now 15 years old (Yikes) and now it seems like we need everything. Alexa looked through her baby album last week and was like OMG you still have the same family room furniture?? I used to say that stuff to my parents.


Jerri said...

What a deal on the piece of Lenox. QVC sells these and the pieces are gorgeous, but a bit pricey......I'm happy you had such a productive day.


marie said...

Hi Carla - I get that publication for Lowe's and that was my favorite article in it. We have a couple countertops we want to try it on. I'll let you know how it works if we get to it before you.

Great GW finds - I love that frame! I'm heading to my favorite thrift store after work today. I haven't been in over two months. Can't wait to find some goodies!

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