Friday, January 29, 2010


I finally got this project done last night. Yet another project I'd been procrastinating on. I purchased this vinyl wall phrase back in the middle of September,
and now it's . . . ummm . . . the end of January.
Why do I do this???

I really didn't think I'd be able to apply it without the use of scaffolding, or an extension ladder, or something. So I waited for help . . . uh hummm . . .
Finally, last night, I said to myself,
"self . . . just git'r done!"
So by perching precariously on a step ladder on the landing, and hanging waaayyy over the railing, I was able to rub on the phrase with a yard stick.

Now, I realize the phrase is not quite centered within the repurposed frame. And it's not really going to bother me. I'm just glad it's done! But, Hubby had to point that out first thing when he came home and I showed him I'd finally got it done.
Like I didn't already realize this!

About the frame. It was white-washed pine, and it originally held a canvas print with some overpainting of a row of ducks. Back in the eighties, when I was really into country decor (a very unsophisticated country, I'll admit!), I loved this print. But, it was dated for sure. I kept it knowing I could use the huge frame someday. Well, there it is . . .

As far as the phrase not being totally centered, I think it might be okay since the phrase is kinda off-center. Or, I may go back over to Leen The Graphic Queen's (cute, cute stuff - go check it out!) store where I purchased the phrase, and and buy a lit'l summin' to put in the bottom left side, or move the frame over, or do nothing at all!

I've never really been happy with what I've had on this wall. And not wanting to spend a ton of money, I felt I was limited. Besides, really the only people who see this space, the foyer, is us. Virtually everyone uses our garage door or back door when they come to our house.

So, I'm happy :o) Another long-sitting project out of the way. YAY!!!

Update on the chair. Can I just tell you I'm really hating that chair right now. Not enjoying this project at all. A little more has been done, but still quite a bit left to do. I know I'll be so happy when it's done, but until then
I hate that chair!

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Darlene said...

Morning Carla,

I think the phrase is wonderful and it looks great just as it is. Don't ya just want to smack your hubby when they come in a say something like that after you have worked so hard!

So the chair is NOT a fun project It sounded hard to me from the get go. I hope you can see it through and end up with a chair you truly LOVE. Have a great day.♥

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Men! Sheesh! Like level is more important than the phrase itself {or the fact that you did a lovely project}. Go figure! : )

Your chair and my coffee table ~ procrastinators unite! I have to get mine started. I have the paint. I even bought the foam rollers the other day. Maybe Sunday . . . maybe.

marie said...

I love the phrase you used and I love how you have it postioned in the frame. I wouldn't add a thing.

Paula said...

Oh that looks soooo good! I like it off center, it's in keeping with the rise of the stairs..makes it unique:)
I know how your feeling on the chair, always wish I could see a project like that before I get started, so I don't start it!lol:)
have a great weekend!

Jerri said...

I love the simplicity......Very good job. Like my daughter would say, "Who needs a man anyway?"


Rambling Girl said...

I am new to your blog...lovin it! I am coming from Darlene's page about your etsy store...well goodie I had to buy from it today also...I am sure I will come visit more often..bad thing is I wish I had lots more money for is such a sweet shop! Also loved the vintage valentine you have anymore of those...I love vintage things!

Come visit me also..

Rambling Girl said...

Oops so excited I forgot to post about your word phrase you posted about...I love these phrases all over blogland...I bought a cricket for christmas and want to make me a few for my house...I did buy a welcome for my front door through none other than etsy store.

Yours is so cute going up the stairs.

dj said...

i love it just the way it is....much more interesting off center. i wouldn't add a thing to it either. good job!


MisfitGirl said...

Really a beautiful addition, so simple yet so elegant. Bravo!

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