Monday, January 4, 2010


Morning all! Just a quickie post for now. Wanted to let you all know about Thrifty Decor Chick, Sarah's regular blog feature the first Monday of the month.
It's the
where cool bloggy people from all over link up their bestest before and after snaps. I've linked up my fabulicious new counter stools. Be sure to check out all the great links for ideas and inspiration.

Now that business is out of the way, hope everyone had a nice time ringing in the New Year - however you celebrated. We hung out with just a few friends.
It was real nice . . . thanks, Tracy! ;o)

New Year's Resolutions . . . mmm, I almost hate that phrase. For me it's always the same old things . . .
loose weight . . .
get organized . . .
eat more healthy . . .
yadda, yadda, yadda . . .

Well, I DO want to lose some weight, 10 to 15 pounds would nice. Don't need to worry about the exercise thing, cause I've always been good with that. Three to four mile jog on the treadmill 3 or 4 times a week, some ab work, weights, etc. But, I just can't seem to shake these blasted 10 to 15 L.B.'s. I know it's my diet. I will admit I pretty much eat and drink whatever like, so that's okay I guess - never feeling deprived. But, I have to decide what I want more . . . a little more trim figure, or those oh so yummy Ghiradelli brownies! Check out Tiffany's story here.

Wow!!! She lost 60 pounds last year in six months. No fad diets, gimmicks, or pills. She simply changed her mindset on food and exercise. Dang! If she can do that and loose 60, I should be able to handle 15, right?!
Annddd . . . her Hubby lost
50 pounds along with her.

Another thing I'm really going to work on this year is taking/making more time to be creative. Us creative people neeed this . . . y'all know what I mean, right? I always let the day-to-day "chores" monopolize my time. Then I'm wiped out with no mental/creative energy left.

Oh, and I MUST get my house organized. More importantly, I have to start purging. Seriously!
I have THE hardest time getting rid of stuff. I'm afraid I'll end up on that A&E show "Hoarders".

Went to the mall Saturday. I hate the mall. I hate shopping. Unless it's at Michael's, JoAnn's, WalMart or Lowes! Thank God Hubby likes to shop. He has always done all the clothes shopping for our boys. Heck, there were a lot of years when they were younger I could never even remember their shoe size at the time.
How bad is that?!

Anyway, he tricked me. I thought we were just going to Costco, but he announced on the way that he needed to run in to the mall.
Well, I survived and all wasn't lost. I browsed through the Hallmark store and snagged up some cute after C'mas clearance card kits and a notepad holder. The "tray" is super-sturdy cardboard that I'm planning on refilling with less seasonal paper.

I had to hit the new two-story Barnes and Noble and finally bought
(I know . . . I'm the last blogger on the planet to get it!)

Also at Barnes and Noble I found this adorable box of Valentine's inspired from vintage ephemera images. Now I wish I'd bought another box.

Anything paper . . . I just can't resist.

Started working on items for my Etsy Shop, and I'll slowly be de-Christmasing the house this week, only to deck the halls with all things
Is it me, or has Valentine's Day really become more of a big thing the past couple years?

Oh, like the little picture mosaic way up there at the top? I used Picnick to create it.
Thanks for the heads-up on that site, Darlene!
It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to play around more over there.

Thanks for visiting!
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Paula said...

Carla...more things in common! I hate the mall and I have that same 10-15lbs I can't get rid of!! lol:)
love the vintage valentines...have fun creating!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

You grabbed up some amazing finds there, girl!
And I agree with you 100% about the mall or just retail in general...if it's not vintage, I have virtually no use for it.

Super cute valentines!


Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, "malls" (shiver down spine) yeah I'm with you there.
Locally there is a trend toward outdoor shopping centers. The shops are hip and the windows are fun to look at, but it's 20 degrees and I'm not going.

Love the bargains you found...happy creating.

dj said... your blog....glad i found you thru before and after....

amazing craft room you have.


Darlene said...

LOVE your beautiful collage!! Isn't Picnik fun?!?! The more you play the more you will love it!

Oh, and I know I have those same New Year resolutions. I understand the needing to purge also. My daughter and I watch Hoarders and I tell her THAT is why we clean and get rid of JUNK....we certainly don't want to be on THAT show!

I can't wait till you open your Etsy store. Hope you are having a great start to the New Year!♥

Darlene said...

Oh, and I want your review on the new book you bought. I don't have it but thought about getting it. I'll get it if you recommend it. I absolutely LOVE the Vintage Christmas Crafts book that I learned about from you. It is so pretty and I can just look through it over and over and over....well you know!♥

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