Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This could be a good day to do some quilting.  Maybe dig out some WIP's (work in progress), UFO's (unfinished objects).  Projects that have been in unfinished states for years . . . some I'm embarassed to say even decades!  Seems anymore my craft room, basement, garage . . . whole rooms! . . .  is chock full of WIP's of many genres.  I certainly can never be at a loss for something to do!

These two snippets of vintage quilts were purchased, well, I don't even remember how long ago.  I think my original plan was to make them into pillows.  This should be an easy project to finish in a morning.

See that tomato pincushion up there?  I've had that pincushion since middle school.  Seventh grade, I think, was the year I took home-ec.  Since I'm really at bad at math, I'm not going to even try figure out how old that thing is! ;o)  I'm really glad I've been able to "preserve" and use it all these years.

The flower basket block of the piece is vintage.  I added the border from newer fabric.  I think it works pretty well.

A couple more contemporary pieces below.  When I worked at a quilt shop many years ago, I remember falling in love with these two fabrics (among many, many others!) - the Noah's Ark and birdhouse prints. I'm pretty sure I started the Noah's Ark mini quilt to be made into a crib pillow for my youngest . . . he's 13 now!

Shame we don't have an enclosed or screend porch yet.  The finished birdhouse quilt would be adorable in sunroom.

The colors in the wall quilt below are fabulous!  At the time I constructed this top, these colors were way out of my normal color schemes.  I was really working a little outside my "comfort zone" with this piece.  The fabrics, colors and block design are so cute and contemporary.  I can't wait to finish this one!

Totally opposite from above - soft, pastel, feminine-like colors and patterns.  I love log cabin design no matter what size block.

The little piece below was made from irregular scraps from the one above.  Some of you know how we quilters hate to waste anything!  As you can see, the seams certainly aren't perfect, but I think once, if, I ever get it quilted and sewn into a pillow, it will make a charming little piece.  Maybe I should tea-stain to make it look more vintage.  

Now the trick will be to resist the temptation to get involved in anything else this morning, and just knock-out at least one of these long-awaited projects.  
We'll see . . . .

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Kerin said...

Whew sure have a lot of pretty projects :)
Have fun !

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the soft colors in the last one, Carla! It is the perfect day to get some projects done. Very dark and dreary here, too. I'm hoping we lose power at the day job and we get to go home early! : ) {And I'm off tomorrow and Friday}!

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