Monday, May 23, 2011

My Flowery Booty

Bech'ya can guess what I'm going to be doing for the next few days or more! ;o)

I'm soooo late in getting my annuals planted, the veg/cutting garden in and most everything else outdoor related.  We had a whole bunch of nasty, rainy weather that lasted quite a while - a week or more.  

And this past weekend me and Hubby took a long weekend vaca to Myrtle Beach, SC - Golf Capital of the East Coast - where I pretty much embarrassed the heck out of myself on more than one golf course.  Good thing it was bike week, or there may have been more people around to scrutinize my poor form! 

No real worries, though.  If golf was easy, there'd be a whole lot more of us on the tour makin' big money, right?!

Now that play time is over, time to get busy out there in those gardens.  My goal is to have it all done by the end of the holiday weekend.   That is if the the weather cooperates. 

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I know, I'm behind, too. I usually have everything in by now, but we got that same rain, I think, Carla. I'll be shooting to do it Friday {I'm taking a vacation day}.

marie said...

You got a wonderful assortment of flowers. Love the great colors. Annuals are wonderful ~ instant color = instant gratification!

Have fun planting!

Kerin said...

Beautiful flowers. I know that you'll get them all planted, and your gardens will be a sight to behold :)
Lets all cross out fingers that the nasty weather clears out, and we have sunshine and blue skies !

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Lol! your golf game sounds like my tennis game:)
You guys got more rain than we did, we lucked out!
Happy planting!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love your plants and I haven't even begun to fill pots yet. I am so late.

JENNY K. said...

You're going to have some beautiful flower beds when you're finished!

The Mommy said...

We're going to Myrtle Beach next week, but the only golf courses we might see will be of the mini variety!! I LOVE looking at flowers at the different hotels and golf courses as we drive around. I'm a little jealous of your plant booty because I decided not to do too much this year and focus on the permanent landscaping in our yard. Next year, I'll be ready for more annuals.

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