Thursday, May 12, 2011

Front Door Decor - Need Your Help!

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I've been on a search for something new, different, unusual for my front door.  We have a double front door.  One of the things that originally sold me on this house, but I would change in a second if I could.  Sure a double front door can be a bit regal, dramatic - the exact word's not coming to mind right now - but it's a pain.  A double front door requires two of whatever I want to hang out there.  It also is more expensive when fitting for an outer door, which is necessary in our case.  The front of our house faces almost due west where almost all the severe weather comes from . . . rain, wind . . . lots of wind.  Sometimes I feel like we're living in Kansas with all the wind!  

I have plastic hanging things to hold whatever I try to put there.  But because of the wind I frequently have to bring in whatever I have hanging on the doors to keep them from blowing around on the door or sometimes right off the door.  

Wreaths are usually the first things that come to mind for front door decor, but I'm really tired of wreaths.  I've done baskets, but again, I have to worry about the wind.  I've been scouring the net trying to find some ideas, and I saved quite a few pics I'm sharing with you.  Unfortunately, when I started saving the pics I didn't save their sources because originally I was gathering ideas just for my use, so if by chance a pic of yours or another blogger you may recognize is shown, please let me know and I'll leave credit on that picture.

If any of you have any good, unusual ideas for me, please share!  I'm really looking for something a little different.  Also, if any of you have any ideas on how to better secure something to a glass storm door, I'm dying to know.

Here's a pic of my doors.  We've had absolutely beautiful weather this week, so I have one screen so we can enjoy the warm, refreshing air coming through the house.

And, as you can see, I'm a bit behind in getting some pretty flowers and all my cutesy porch decor out there.  More items on my to-do list.  OYE!

We do need to do some facelift work out there.  We desperately need to replace the door handles on both the main doors and the storm doors (actually, we need new storm doors altogether!).  And I'd like a new door bell button.  I'm also toying with the idea of painting the door and sidelights red.  Or maybe painting the doors red and the sidelights black.  Not sure about all that just yet.  Too many other projects screaming to get done!

Sometimes it's hard for me to justify spending the money - and time - out there.  Nobody uses our front door except unwanted solicitors. And we have a two acre lot, so our house sits way back off the street.  I know the front door should be warm and welcoming, and I do try to make it look pretty nice, but with so many other things constantly needing attention in and around the house, it's just hard for me to make time out there.

 Double wreaths.  Now that's pretty cool.   But that would mean I'd need four!  With a double door, that might be wreath overload.

This is gorgeous.  Of course!  It's a Heather Bullard design :o)  Don't think it would be practical for my glass door on a windy day though.

Like this look a lot.  Could change out the contents according to season.  Just not sure how  to secure a large basket like that from the wind.

This is cute.  Would the "box" work decorated differently for other seasons?

Like this idea.  Use the door handle.  Again, though, the wind might be a problem.

All these frame ideas below are cute.  

Blue Sky Confections

This is obviously the front door of a business, but I really like the decorated frames around the business name.  Maybe a welcoming vinyl phrase on my doors using this frame idea.  Would the vinyl words stand up to the weather?

Any and all ideas, suggestions, comments, are totally welcome!
I need all the help I can get for that space out there.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have the same problem, Carla, so I just usually get something flat enough to use that goes between the storm door and the main door. I don't have time to be chasing any wreaths down the street! Last year I got one of the flat looking metal baskets and that works good. It has a fall arrangement in it. Right now I have a wreath. The basket idea is great and you could probably secure it pretty well with command hooks on the glass. At Christimas I did a swag instead of a wreath.

Kerin said...

Very attractive door decor !!
Command brand also has heavy duty double hook and loop tape that is made for hanging up heavier pictures. Maybe you could use some of that to attach something heavier, or decorated frames , etc..
Best of luck! I know whatever you chose to do, it will turn out fantastic!

JENNY K. said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm flattered to be included in a post with Heather Bullard. Great stuff!

anandhirajan said...

wow great ideas and photos Liked your blog

The Mommy said...

I just popped over from "Notes From A Cottage Industry" and I LOVED this post because I'm tired of wreaths too! I like swags right now. I have a nine foot, stained wood and glass front door. I love it, but I have to use something big or it looks so tiny on the tall door. I have to attach my wreath to the glass panels and bought giant suction cups at Hobby Lobby for that. I have used two for the top part and one for the bottom which seems to do the trick as far as it not blowing around.
My favorite thing that I've used so far was a fake (but real-looking) cedar swag at Christmas with a fat bow on the top.

Jody said...

I just popped in to from Notes from a Cottage Industry, just love that Tracey girl. Noticed the basket with the ferns could put a couple of bricks in the basket first. That might make it heavy enough that the wind wouldn't bother it. I am originally from WY and you seldom see things on any front door there because the wind usually carried them to Nebraska. Joke around there always was if you couldn't find something, look to Nebraska, lol! Good Luck with your door dilema.

marie said...

Love the frame wreaths ~ especially the one with the little banners and the Christmas one.

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