Saturday, May 28, 2011

To Kill A Mockingbird

No, I'm not referring to the Pulitzer Prize winning literary classic by Harper Lee, or the multi-Oscar winning film starring the great Gregory Peck.  Actually, I've never read the book or saw the movie.  Quite honestly, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit, until I looked up some facts on the movie at IMDB, I wasn't even sure of the story's plot!

What I'm referring to is my own desire to want to kill the most annoying Mockingbird on the planet.  I swear that bird has been purposefully trying to antagonize me.  I spent two full days outside putting in my veg/cutting garden.  And both days I had to listen to that blasted bird's noise.  

Oh, I can appreciate the Mockingbird's "talent" for being able to mimic up to 15 different bird songs, but I just wish it would stick with one for more than a millisecond.  It just yaps and yaps and yaps incessantly.  The whole time I was in the garden it would flit from 
tree to 

to tree

to the pitch of the house roof

squawking, drowning out every other bird and thoroughly annoying the heck out of me!

It never rested!  It almost reminded me of a kid with ADHD.  

Despite having to endure the nuisance of that bird, I did manage to get the garden in, and started on the potted plants.  Still have quite a few more pots/window boxes to finish up, and the perennial and herb gardens need a good weeding.  And with three more days left of this Holiday weekend, I may just meet my goal of getting it all done by Monday!  YAY!!!

Two rows of tomatoes - Romas, Brandywine heirloom, Big Boy, a yellow variety and Husky Cherry.

Pepper patch - Green Bell, Jalapeno, Banana and Hot Chiles

I also planted some herbs - Basil, Dill, Italian Parsley and Cilantro.  Some cucumbers, green onions and flower seeds sewn for cutting - Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnias and Tithonia.

Here's an interesting development over by one of my compost bins.  Discarded pumpkins from last fall have sprouted their seeds in a big way.  I'm gonna leave them, probably thinning some of them, and see what happens.

This area is seen from our family room bay window, and it's always been a landscaping challenge.  Directly under the mulched area is our propane tank.  To left is a gorgeous Kwanzan Cherry and on the right is a grouping of Helleri Holly bushes that hide the big, black, ugly metal entrance thingy that covers the tank's filling area and gauges.  I can never get much to grow in the center.  I think the tank being not too far under the ground there makes it too hot for flower's roots or not deep enough soil or something.  So, I try to add some kind of interest with the flag, bird bath, potted plants, etc.  

The bird house grouping is new this year.  Not sure I'm entirely loving it just yet.  I'm going to leave them for now and see if they grow on me.  Last year I had them scattered in the perennial garden, and I  did like them there.  They may end up back out there ;o)

A much quieter and less obnoxious-sounding bird, the Barn Swallow below, has been trying to nest in the one big bird house in the center.  I'm hoping it realizes the hole is too small.  It spent most of the day yesterday trying to wiggle it's body in.  I would hate to see it get stuck in there.  I may have to cover up that hole just to be safe.

 Onto some random views around the garden.  I planted these Knockout Roses last year . . . or was it the year before.  Anyway, if you don't have any of these, they are so worth the small investment.  What a wonderful plant!  Full, gorgeous and constantly blooming bushes really make a big impact in the garden.  I'm in love with these and want more!

My most favorite flower, Peony.  They're almost done blooming, and I almost missed them.  I wish they bloomed longer.  Have you ever smelled a Peony?  Oh my!  Their fragrance is amazing.  I just bury my face in the big, soft blooms and breath deep . . . hoping not to snort up a ant!  Ants love these plants.

 Another show-stopper in the garden this year, is this Cornus Kousa - Japanese Dogwood.  I planted it as the centerpiece of the perennial garden several or more years ago, but this is the first year it's put on this fantastic of a show. 
Just beautiful.  

 I had to share this hanging basket of  Calibrachoa, or Million Bells, I picked up at Lowes a few weeks ago.  I love these flowers.  They just bloom and bloom with no dead-heading required.  

 The color combination in this basket is fabulous!

Well, back to work!  Lot's more to get done.  

Whether you're relaxing, tackling some indoor and/or outdoor projects, I hope y'all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.

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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a treat to come over here and see all this beauty. Man, that garden is SO impressive.
I had to laugh over your clever Post Title. I can't handle repetitive sounds or noises either, so I feel your pain.
Your flowers are gorgeous, Carla!!!
Mary Lou

Kerin said...

Sounds like you need an old fashioned wrist rocket :)
Your gardens are gorgeous!! I am sooo impressed!
My sweet husband made me some raised garden boxes... now if we could get some warm weather, I could get our veggie garden in .
Hope you have an awesome week!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Carla~ everything looks wonderful! Love that hanging basket!
We have mockingbirds, lot's of them...but it's the blackbirds that annoy me, and sometimes the blue jays can be so mean!
Happy gardening, finally a break in our weather!

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