Monday, February 22, 2010


I love books! Gardening books. Cook books. Quilting books. Decorating books.
The more pretty pictures, the more better.
Even with the vast amount of ideas and inspiration available on the net, I still like to look at my pretty books for even more up-close and personal inspiration.

I also like to have my books commingle with my decorating/tablescaping. I have a stacks of books here and there all over my house. I've always heard a home's decor should reflect it's occupants by having snippets of personal items. It shows "who we are". And the books we read on the subjects that interest us can really fit that bill.

I also read or saw somewhere that if you use books in your decor, you should consider removing the dust jackets. The sometimes busy photos and graphics of the covers can be too much visually in your decor. And, many times, as I've shown above and below, the actual book's color and the color of the print on the spine are so pretty and vibrant.

For example, look at the colors of the two Ina Gartin, aka Barefoot Contessa, books below. Aren't they gorgeous! I just about gasped when I took the covers off. Well . . . not really gasped, but was pleasantly surprised! What a great way to introduce a little bright yummy spring color to my springish display on my hutch.
That hutch . . .

I certainly wouldn't suggest throwing away the dust covers. I have mine stored in a box in the basement. So, take a look at what beautiful colors might be hiding under your books' covers.

I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised too!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

When I was packing up because we were putting our house on the market, I had a few boxes of books to donate. I have since taken some out, removed the covers and used them in decorating. Since we are not moving, I'd really like to get at least my interior decorating books back out again.

Darlene said...

OOOOooo I too LOVE books and I would love to come sit and browse through all of yours!!!! Beautiful pictures Carla.♥

Jerri said...

What a nice collection of books. I noticed the Barefoot Contessa. I really like her. Sometimes she is a bit fancy but my favorite recipe is from her: Peanut Butter and Jelly bars. I think I could be her friend in real life.


dj said...

we have many of the same books....hehehe. i still have the covers on mine. may need to consider removing those covers.


marie said...

I have all my books displayed minus book jackets too! I love the colors. You have yours displayed so nicely. "Seasons at Seven Gates Farm" sounds interesting.

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