Sunday, February 28, 2010


Even though there's still snow on the ground, and actually flurrying as I'm typing this post - AGAIN!!!, those early signs of Spring's arrival are evident.

The past few mornings or more, I've been awakened by this sweet fella's song.

House Sparrow

He has been perching himself out side my bedroom window in the Weeping Cherry tree just tweeting away. I love his song.

I've also noticed our early spring blooming trees are starting to bud.
The Star Magnolia is sporting her fat, furry buds.

And the Kwanzan Cherry is showing off tiny buds as well.

Of course, the spring bulbs are starting to poke through the cold, snow-covered ground too. Spring is coming!

Now I'm sure if I haven't convinced my neighbors yet after all these years,
and I may have confirmed it this morning,
that I might really be just a little wacky . . .
wondering around my backyard in my bright red, fluffy robe, my hair all a mess with snow flurries flying around me. Good thing our houses are on two acres so they couldn't witness my smudged mascara and smeared lipstick on my face!
I know, I know . . .
I should wash the makeup off my face before bed, but last night I was too dang tired!

Hope those of you in wintry states are seeing some signs of Spring where you live. Seems so many of us have had to endure such a long, cold, snowy winter. I think everyone's about ready to bid farwell to Winter!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Yeah spring is coming and I'm ready for it!!! Happy Sunday!

Darlene said...

Oh your pictures are all so beautiful and yes, Spring is coming!! We had an absolutely LOVELY day yesterday. Sunshine and in the mid to high 60's. Short sleeves and wonderful!!!!

Of course a cold front is on the way and they are talking about much colder temps. and possibly some snow flurries Monday. :( Enjoy your Sunday.♥

dj said...

look at those daffs! they are much further along than ours are here. i love going out a looking for signs of spring, even tho most of it is buried in snow still. i was gone out of town for the last 2 days and first thing i did when i got home today was run around the snow covered yard looking for any signs at all....

not much luck here.


ps....i will head up to grandview dr again in the spring and summer and get more pics of the same places. it is a beautiful place to walk.

Sweet Tea said...

You've had a very hard Winter which will make Spring all the more sweeter. You were literally wandering your yard looking for Spring. I love it!! LOL

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