Thursday, February 11, 2010


So sorry for not posting this yesterday like I promised, but our internet was super-slow, and it was taking for-evah for pictures to load up. There were a lot of power outages all around our state (thank goodness we didn't loose power!), and I'm sure that affected service with having to be rerouted, etc.

I'm sure you're all getting your fill of the snow on the East coast - either living it, or reading about it, but here in Delaware, it's been an unprecedented winter. We just don't get snowfalls in this part of the country like we've received this season. Our totals so far might have surpassed what's ever been documented (I personally haven't seen the official numbers yet, but I've heard talk on the news stations to that effect.). I know, for me, in the almost 46 years I've been around, we've never received this total amount of snow.

Needless to say, I have to share some snaps of our blizzard-like conditions yesterday. I can see us now when we're old reminiscing with our grand children
" . . . . I'll never forget the winter of 2010 . . . . "

Now on to the Explosion Album.
Supplies needed for the album are shown below:
Note, this album can be created any size, you just have to adjust all the cutting dimensions accordingly.
(the finished album size and outside covers will be measured half the size of the sheets needed to make the inside pages - i.e., 6x6 album will need 12x12 sheets for inside, 4x4 album will need sheets cut to 8x8 for inside, etc.)

TWO: 6x6 chipboard pieces (this can be from a box, the back of pad of paper - the *thicker the better, but don't use corrugated)

TWO: 6x6 pieces of patterned paper

THREE: 12x12 pieces of coordinating, double-side pattern paper - heavier weight pattern paper works best

Variety of coordinating/matching pattern paper to "decorate" the inside pages of the album - seen below.

paper trimmer/cutter
bone folder (scissor handles works well if you don't have a bone folder)
embellishments of your choice
inks for distressing - optionally
emery board/block for filing

Two pieces of chipboard cut 6x6
Two pieces of pattern paper cut 6x6

Adhere the paper to the chipboard and using your emery board or filing block at a 45 degree angle, file the paper even to the chipboard.

*If your chipboard is thin, it might be too flimsy for this step. You may have to completely cover the chipboard by cutting the paper about 1-3/4 to 2 inches larger than the chipboard. Fold the papers around the chipboard to form a crease in all four sides. At the corners where you see a "square" created by the creases, you cut off the squares to create a "V" cut. This will reduce bulk at the corners when you fold the sides around, and adhere the paper around the back of the chipboard.

If you choose, you can now ink the edges all around. I think it creates a more finished look where the chipboard might be visible.

Take one of your 3 pieces of coordinating 12x12 double-sided paper and fold it in half once, creating a nice crease with your bone folder or scissors handle.

Then fold once again the opposite direction creating a square. Press with bone folder again.

Open the paper up to it's full size and make one diagonal fold, creasing with bone folder as before. Repeat this process with the other two pieces of 12x12 paper.

Once all three pieces are scored, open them up and lay them flat. Adhere all three together with the middle piece on top overlapping on the square, uncreased corners.

Now, you will have to coax the paper to fold in the direction you want. Although your creases may be wanting to fold in one direction, you will be able to gentle guide the fold in the opposite direction. What you want to happen, is the first sheet on the left should have it's folds folding inward, as with the last sheet all the way to the right. The middle sheet's folds should be folding to what is the "back" of the album - like what is seen at the top of the middle sheet.

As I said, this step will take some coaxing to get the papers to fold in the direction they need to be. After you get it all folded to where it creates a closed book, you'll want to really press on all outside edges and along the top to really work those creases to stay in that direction.

Take one of the chipboard covered covers and run a ribbon long enough to wrap around and tie around the entire book when closed, and lay it on the wrong side. Adhere it to the chipboard. This will be the back cover.

With the album closed, adhere the other covered chipboard piece to the front and the chipboard piece with ribbon to the back.

Now the fun part! You can, if you choose, cut more coordinating paper to cover the inside of the album leaving a bit of the original papers showing. Or you can leave it plain. I opted to add coordinating papers to the inside as you can see. Remember, however, that on the pages that are scored, you'll have to cut those squares in half to allow for the fold.

When cutting the papers for inside, just do the math for whatever finished size you decided to create, by cutting those inner squares a half inch or so smaller than the actually page.

For instance, my book is 6x6, so the pages inside are 6x6. When I cut my inner sheets, I cut them 5-1/2 x 5-1/2, and then, of course, cut some of those into triangles to allow for the fold.

Embellish the outside covers and inside however you like! You can even embellish the "back" as well. That area will be protected just like the inside/front when the book is closed.

These Explosion Albums/Books are so fun! What a neat surprise when they're opened to have the pages initially "explode" up at you before the album is laid flat. Too cool!

If you have any questions about the instructions or the process, go ahead and post them in the comment section of the this post. It may be the same questions or problems someone could be having, and I'll be sure to answer/help real quick.

Have Fun!!!

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marie said...

Hi Carla,
I have one word for you....SNOW!
There sheer amount of the white stuff has been absolutely amazing! Your photos are wonderful ~ especially the one witht he cardinal. Love that one!
I grew up in southern Michigan and then spent eight years in Wisconsin...there weren't too many storms that rivaled what we've seen here on the east coast this past week!
Crazy snow even took out my internet and cable TV for a week! Just got it back today!

Cheryl said...

Happy Valentine's Day To You.
Hope your managing all right
with all the snow.
We had a gentle winter this year.

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Hi Carla,
I found you through a mutual Blogger. You caught my eye because you live in Delaware - One of my best friends lives in Rehobath! I enjoyed seeing your photos of all the snow. What a WINTER you are having. Hope Spring comes quickly for you.
Nice to meet you, I'm Deb, from NW Louisiana, "Sweet Tea". Please come by to visit some time.

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