Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waging War . . .

. . . with my weight that is. Yes, I'm throwing down the gauntlet here . . . at MY feet. I'm challenging myself to loose some very unwanted poundage before you all.
You're going to be my witnesses.

Picture from our cruise to the Bahamas.

And while I go on and on and on about my weight, I'm going to throw in some nice warm-weather pictures. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have something pretty for you all to look at? I figure that most of us have been living through snowmagedden for quite some time now, and we need some proof that warm weather does exist!

Another from our cruise

It's time to get serious. I'm thinking the only way I can really do it is to own up to it here on my blog. I feel the only way I can stay committed to this is by publicly journaling my progression. My plan is to blog each Wednesday my weight and my breakthroughs and breakdowns of the preceding week. Oh don't worry, I'm not going to rant about my weight with every post. And I really don't plan to rant on Wednesdays. I just think I need to report in to someone/somewhere (besides Hubby) about my weekly highs and lows.

More Bahamas

I'm ready. In this post a while back, I said I needed to loose a bit of extra holiday weight. That I had to decide if I wanted a more trim figure or yummy brownies. Well, I'm really wanting that trim figure for sure. But it's going to be hard to push the brownies aside.

Fenwick Island Beach, Delaware

That would be my main obstacle. Food. I love to cook. I love to bake. I especially love to eat! Exercise isn't a problem for me. I've exercised regularly since my very early twenties. I've always incorporated a weekly routine of cardio and weight resistance to my life for many years. And maybe that's one reason why I always thought I could eat what I wanted and not worry too much about gaining weight. Guess that worked when I was younger. Well, I ain't gettin' any younger!

Fenwick Island, Delaware

I'll be heading on the downward descent of forty-something April 1 (Yes! I'm an April Fool's Baby!). Forty-six to be exact. And I feel if I don't change my bad eating habits now, I'll never be able to loose what I want.

True sign of Spring. Nest found in cypress tree outside my window last Spring.

It's not really that much. I'd absolutely looovvee to loose 23 pounds, but that might be a bit overzealous of a task. That would put me at the weight I was when I was 20. So, I'd be ecstatic to loose 18. Actually, the number amount isn't all that important to me as is how I'm feeling in my clothes. I also realize that since I workout, perhaps that number might be a little higher than others my age and height. So, like I said, the number's not all that important, but just a reference. Know what I mean?

Found this little guy crawling up the house behind my potting bench last Spring.

I'm out of my "comfort zone". My jeans are tight. I'm sporting the ever-so unattractive muffin top. I can pinch waayyy more than an inch! And I'm fighting with a bit of back fat. Oooo . . . I'm painting such a lovely picture of myself, aren't I? LOL!!!

a found pic from the web

Your supportive comments and words of encouragement and inspiration would be so appreciated, but not necessary. If you happen to visit here on Wednesdays and see I'm posting my new weekly segment
"Weigh-In Wednesday"
(original and clever, eehhh??? ) and think "oh sheeesh, she's yammerin' on about her weight again . . . ", it won't hurt my feelings if you don't stay and read. Like I'd know anyway, right??!!

a found pic from the web

I just feel it's necessary for me to log my progression out there in writing. Kind of like keeping a food and exercise journal, only a little more condensed and online. I hope you'll bear with me.

a found pic from the web

And I just found out another one of my blogging friends is chronicling her weight loss endeavors on her blog. How about stopping by
and show her a little support too. What the heck, let's start a whole online, bloggy group of weightloss participants. Anyone else want to try and collectively loose some weight? Join the, uh-humm, fun?

a found pic from the web

So here are my stats to start:

46 years old (come April)
5' 10" tall (thank goodness for that!)
current weight: 173 (uuggghhhh!!!)
size: 12 (I think. My 10 jeans are pretty snug!)
goal weight: 155
date to reach goal: 4/1/2010 (this is negotiable)

a found pic from the web

I know this was a long and perhaps boring read. So, again, thanks for bearing with me. All I need to do now is clean the crap out of the pantry and buy a scale. I don't even own one. I have to weigh at friends' houses!

Thanks for visiting!
Leave a comment so I can get to know you.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm sure you will do this, Carla! It is more important that you feel comfortable with your body and not go by the numbers on the scale. I will certainly be happy to support you as you do this!

The Lone Dollier said...

You go girl! I know you can lose that weight and by the deadline. I'm 5', 9-1/2" and recently hit my all time high weight of 162 (torn discs precluded excercise). Now after surgery and two weeks on the couch I have lost 5 pounds and face the daunting task of not gaining it back before I totally recover from cervical spinal surgery and can exercise!

Love the pictures from your Bahamas trip. Oh, to be able to go there!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, really I do. I jsut got home and unzipped my jeans so I can breathe again...I need to lose 15/20 lbs, but I'm just not motivated enough to begin right now. Perhaps you'll inspire me!...Beautiful photos.
Enjoyed them a lot!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Hit the button too soon.
I'm "Anonymous" from above.
(and I don't mean Heaven) LOL

Anonymous said...

i need to get rid of baby weight (my twins just turned 14) haha... i would love to know your "diet" i can stick to the diet for 2 weeks and then i fall off the wagon. i will keep reading each week for somes tips. i need all the help i can get!!

Paula said...

Well Carla you've got me thinking about jumping in with you...for me it is those nasty but sooooo dang yummy salt 'n vinegar chips!! I think they should put a photo on the bag of a hugely overweight woman in a bathing suit, that might help me!! lol:)
I'm gonna think seriously today about doing this with you....hmmmmm....I'll let you know:) The Fenwick beach pictures make it sooo real for me since they are right down the road!!

tcorn7323 said...

WOW!!! What a brave girl to put your weight (#) out there. I am with you girlie... But im not posting my weight. Its so easy to say the number doesnt matter just the fit, but it SOO does for me. I started the treadmill monday.. man i am out of shape. I need to get it together for the wedding so ill be your cheerleader and you be mine...

Screaming Meme said...

You should take care of yourself...i am now learning how too...:)

Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I would love to invite you over to my decorating blog, Screaming Meme...:)

I also have another blog, This Family's Gone Crackers...It is about a comical journey of a so called "normal" family going INSANELY gluten free...

Hope to see you there, Meme

Jerri said...

Oh, I hear you about the weight problem. I need to lose, well let's say more than your twenty pounds.......the problem is I love sweets. If I just ate my meals I would be thin,,,,,throw in the sweets and here I am overweight and not happy about it.....


Darlene said...

Oh Carla I am wishing you the BEST of luck on the weight loss journey. I am 5'9 1/2" and weigh a bit more than you. I have a serious issue with PORTION control. Now that I have been cooking so much and enjoying it, I am REALLY having a problem (cause I LOVE my own food!!!). I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything about it though. I am hoping through hearing you on Wednesday's, maybe I WILL decide to do something about it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful pictures you have posted. What a fabulous vacation that must have been. Also, that little nest with the eggs is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

gkingred said...

Carla -- love the pictures - inspiration to loose weight for summer clothes!! I'm right there with you about loosing excess poundage and will track Wed weigh in's! What a great motivator do this with others-- Lord knows it is hard enough, especially when cooking and baking are amongst our favorite things to do!

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