Friday, February 19, 2010

Really Need Your Suggestions

First, I want to thank those of you who've offered your support
on my quest for a thinner waistline.
It's nice knowing you all have my back!

Now, I'm asking for your help again. I really, really, really need some suggestions or ideas regarding this piece of furniture. I want to paint the back panel part of this hutch.
We purchased this piece, gosh . . . years ago, from a Penney's catalog. We were looking for something to temporarily fill this space that was
not too wide, not too deep, and cheap
cheap it was - under $199 and there's not one snippet of real wood on the whole thing!
until we could find something more permanent. Well, years later, it's still here. And we never did look for anything else.
It works and it looks okay.

I want to add some contrast with color, but I just can't decide. And I'm scerred! I know it's only paint. If I don't like one color, I can paint it another. Right???

I'm not sure if I should use a brown or tan or black. Just not sure. My first thought was black, but then I was afraid it might look like a black whole. Then I thought some shade of brown or tan, but was afraid it clash with stained part or the wall behind it. I'm lost.

As I was typing this, I just had a thought. Maybe I'd paint the "stained" parts black and the back panel a brownish/red. Or would that be too drastic and dark?

Below are pictures of the rug and curtains in the space to give you an idea of the colors I'm working with.

Any ideas or suggestions would be sooo appreciated! :o)

Thanks for visiting!
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lil donna said...

what about pulling the blue from the carpet and putting some red accents on the shelf? then you pull the rug in which seems to be lost and the red accents will draw your eye up

lil donna said...

hmm also thinking, maybe paint the whole thing a blue and use a cream for the accent inside

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think it's a good idea to paint the stained parts darker, if not black, something dark like a chestnut or walnut color. Since you are undecided, I might take the ideas you are thinking of and do it on oak tag or something that you can put into the spot just to see how it will look without committing.

Paula said...

my vote is for the black...but, I'm a black nut! It just is so classy to me. You might want to consider first what you will display...if it is lighter colors or silvers (pottery, pitchers, trays etc.) they will POP against the black and look great.
If not, I might pick a color that isn't anywhere in the room for a peice of furniture that stands out...maybe a turquoise or something like that..then distress it. Whatever you choose you can always change it:) I love paint!
good luck, keep up posted!

Lisa said...

How about accent a gold color-like my kitchen walls Laura Ashley Gold # something. Or totally sand the thing down and paint it a different color like a distressed black.

Jen T said...

My suggestion is to paint the wood parts black and hang a large picture or arrangement of pictures on the back of the hutch where it's blank white. That would be interesting to look at and not take all weekend to do. It's a very pretty hutch - good luck!

Kathy said...

I have the same piece of furniture!! Go look at this blog and scroll down and the picture is on the right side of the blog.

sjmcdowell said...


Have you thought of putting an interesting mirror in the back panel with a pretty frame in gold maybe an oval shape to soften the look. Or maybe if you have some pretty plates with some of the colors of your curtains and rug?
Maybe distress the rest of the hutch in a soft ivory. Also
you could put some wall paper in the back panel...or a stencil in black..a Paris theme perhaps.
Well those are my thoughts. Good luck and have fun and don't be scared...dare to be different!!
Hugsss from me!

Tracy said...

ok for the record I LOVE this piece, and I LOVE the antique white. If anything I would make the stained part darker. But I thought the mirror idea was really interesting. Although a girlfriend of ours hates her mirror, she says it makes her look at her mid section ALL DAY LONG. I'm waiting on the chair? is it finished or are you moving on without finishing?

Christine Edwards said...

Well, here's another spin on things...what about red? There looks to be red in both the carpet and curtains. And it should look nice with the paneling in back.

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