Monday, April 26, 2010


Hmm umm . . .
that's what I was yesterday . . .

I woke yesterday to an extremely drizzly, foggy, dreary morning. And with no real plans for the day, I figured it was as good a day as ever to start watching a few episodes of the
Showtime Series
"The Tudors - Season 1".

I am hooked now!
I have to see the next two seasons for sure. This is a very intense, very beautifully filmed, very sexy, very adult series. I was thoroughly enjoying the historical aspect of the show. Assuming the events are in fact portrayed as accurately as possible.

It had been advertised free on Verizon On-Demand until next week. And always having had an interest in watching the series, but not having premium channels, this was a good time to jump in.

Well, I had no intention of watching the
entire first season
in one day.
That's 10 episodes at an hour long each.
Do the math, my friends!
The only break I took in watching the series was to watch yet another TV show -
the final episode
I had DVR'd of Jamie Oliver's
"Food Revolution"

and to get a shower at around two in the afternoon! I didn't even cook dinner. I nicely asked Hubby go out and pick up Chinese, which he seemed happy to do.

Not only did I sit in front of the TV all day, I also binged like a crazy person on just about everything and anything LOL!!! I was taking the role of couch potato to the limit yesterday. At first I started telling my self to get up and out from in front of that TV and get something done.
Then I thought, what the heck.
How often do I take a complete day and just veg out?
Uhhh . . . like never!

My day of vegging does come with a price. I have tons to do today around the house. And I'm trying to finish up a few projects.

I've been wanting to spruce up this luggage stand a friend gave me umpteen years ago and has been in the shed for most of those years. I have been coating it with layers of black spray paint throughout the day after tearing up my hands trying to get the strapping off with a screwdriver and pliers. The staples were rusted and breaking off. It was a mess.

And Hubby rescued this cabinet from work that was headed to the dumpster. He cleaned it and repainted it for me to use in my craft room.
The big part of the job will be dealing with what is normally behind this curtain

and reorganizing all this stuff into the new cabinet, and finding new homes for some of those storage containers.

That'll be a big job!

Baseball's on the schedule for tonight, but since it's another rainy, dreary day, I'm hoping it will be rescheduled. We'll see . . .

Have a Happy Monday!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think we all need a day just to veg out and yesterday was perfect {it was cloudy, rainy and just miserable here, too}. I had hoped to do just what you were doing, in the afternoon, but sewing projects I had planned took a little longer than I anticipated. No nap either!

Kerin said...

You are going to need another 'veg' day after you get all of your projects done:)
I've been watching Jamie Oliver too. Very interesting.
Have a great day, and enjoy the ball game !

marie said...

Sometimes you just HAVE TO veg....

Love that cabinet. What a great find!!

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, Good for you, yesterday was a great day to veg, rainy dreary, blah.

I've heard a lot about Tudors and I'm hoping to catch up on it this summer, your review makes it sound so exciting.

Love your dear hubby's find, what a sweetie to think of you. I know you get such satisfaction in getting your projects done, have fun today.


Darlene said...

I haven't heard of The Tudors but it looks and sounds great! How fun to have a veg out day....sounds great to me. Especially on a dreary, rainy day.

I love your new cabinet in your craft room. BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and I agree with the others, you will definitely need another veg day after all the projects are finished!

Lexi has a softball game tonight after she gets out of dance. She loves playing ball!

Enjoy your Monday. ♥

Lisa said...

Wow Carla I'm lovin that cabinet. Is it metal? I may have to go dumpster diving.


CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hey Lisa! Yes, the cabinet is metal. I'm thinking I may use it mainly to organize all my photos, or maybe my rubber stamps, or maybe punches and rubber stamps together . . . gosh, I'm not sure yet! :o)

Tracy said...

Im so glad you decided to use the cabinet.. I LOVE IT.. Hubby did good with this one. And he was thinking of you... nice.

Paula said...

Carla that is the neatest cabibnet for your craft room! Something I'd have filled up in nooo time! Good for you taking a day to yourself, I need one of those every week...I doin't get one, but I need one!

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