Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Phew! What a crazy, busy weekend. Friday was our day trip to New York City. I'm really more of a country girl, but there is a definite energy about NYC. I certainly like to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.

The weather was just perfect. It was nice to spend the day with Son No. 2 and his GF and her Mom. We strolled a bit down 5th Avenue, walked through SoHo, had lunch up the block from NYU (totally can't remember the restaurant, which was mediocre anyway),

Dawn (son's gf's mom), me, Shannon and Colin

and made our way on to Canal Street. Son No. 2 had some specific stores he wanted to hit, and my only goal was to get into Tinsel Trading. That was our first stop.

DISCLAIMER - I hate, hate, hate having my photo taken. Which usually results in me looking miserable in virtually every photo of me. Just wanted you to know . . . :o)

I was overwhelmed! I could have spent so much time in there, and everyone was really nice about letting me take as much time I was wanted, but I know they were bored to tears! I did manage to make a few purchases in the short amount of time we were there. I really needed a good 4 hours in there!

A sample pack of yummy German glass glitter.

Another fun, unplanned purchase was a pair of Michael Kors shoes at the store in SoHo. I totally fell in love with these shoes, (Imagine how cute these would be with jeans!)

but as is typical with me, they didn't have my size. But they did have
this color in my size.

They were on sale for a great price, so how
could I resist! ;o)

As we walked through Madison Square Park, we "experienced" this exhibit by Antony Gormley, called Event Horizon.

At first, it was a little strange seeing all these life-sized figures perched precariously on the roof edges of the some of the buildings surrounding the park. Then it turned into a sort of game trying to spot them all.

We ducked into this store, ABC Home Store.

All I can say is WOW!!! What an eclectic assortment of home goods. And quite expensive as well. It was like Anthropologie on steroids!

This was an amazing sight. This church had ribbons with the names of all those who've perished in the war. I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness of this memorial, I totally neglected to get the name of the church.

Then I had to snap just a few pics of some of the architecture. I could have snapped pictures all day of the all the gorgeous, unique building facades. I just love all the cobblestone streets, too. I just think it's so cool they're still there in such a busy metro like NYC.

Between the drive in and out of the city (ugghhh!!! New York City drivers!) and all the walking, I was wiped out Friday night.

Saturday morning we were off for our overnight stay in Atlantic City. We did get 9 holes of golf in at The Links at Brigantine Beach. Unfortunately, the weatherman was way off with the forecast for the day. Instead of warm, sunny close to 80 temps, it was cloudy, foggy, and chilly at around 55 degrees. We had a good time anyway.

Dinner was fabulous, and the concert was great! A few night caps after
the concert . . . off to bed . . .
then up the next morning to get home for Easter dinner preparation.

After such a busy weekend, I was dead to the world Sunday after dinner clean-up. Definitely don't have the energy for going and going like I did when I was younger!

Spent half the day cleaning the house yesterday - and that was just the first floor. Deep cleaning the floors (that means on hands and knees!), wiping down baseboards, moldings, kitchen cabinet doors, cleaning windows. I'll be hitting the second floor this morning.

After the mega-cleaning this morning, I'm hoping to get outside and get some work done in the gardens. I'm want to give the vegetable/cutting garden a good tilling, and clean the weeds from the herb garden. Although it was supposed be sunny and 80 today, it's drizzling right now. Hope that clears away.

Guess this is a good time to get started with that cleaning upstairs!

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Darlene said...

Morning Carla,

I LOVE seeing your pictures in NYC. I want to go there to visit one day. I think it would be so neat and fun! Those stores look FABULOUS and I can see why you wanted to browse for hours. You look just fine in your pictures....all you need is a big smile :)....love your hair!!!

Hope it does warm up for you today. We have had nice warm, sunny weather but the Oklahoma wind has been blowing like CRAZY!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm exhausted just reading this, Carla! Looks like you had a beautiful day for your trip to NYC. Tinsel Trading looks fantastic; I could probably spend a few hours in there myself! I have to click on the link ~ I wonder if they are only in the city.

I hate pictures of myself, too. I think you look great though! Stop dreading the picture and smile! : )

Mary Ann said...

How fortunate you are to be able to just take a day trip into NYC. I have only been there once but, would love to go back. Such lovely pictures!

Paula said...

Loving your pictures! such cool sites...the ribbons, how neat! Fun, fun shoes {however my granny feet hurt just looking at them,lol}!
I'm with you on the picture taking, I need 'how to look good in pictres for dummies' ...if anyone writes that book, I'll buy it! lol:)
Ok, I'm exhausted just reading this! Enjoy your day in the garden Carla:)

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I've never been to NYC and it looks like you had such a great trip. I would love all the shopping in places that you just can't find around here. You took some great photos!

Jamie said...

Wow! What a fun-filled busy weekend! I can't wait to go visit NYC one day. I am definitely adding Tinsel Trading to my list. I can't stop looking at the pictures of it... HEAVEN!!

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, I can't even imagine how overwhelming the Tinsel Trading Co must be, I had to wipe up drool off my keyboard just from the pictures you snapped.

I love that you got to go golfing, my DH keeps making me promise to take up the sport one day. As for me when I'm in Atlantic City I tend to hit the slots.


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