Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The rain did stop yesterday morning, and it cleared to be one of the most beautiful days that we've had in a long time. Temps in low 80's with low humidity and the nicest breeze. Today should be a little warmer and just as beautiful. Shame I have to work this morning.

I decided to attack my perennial bed first. What a mess! I was a lazy gardener last fall who didn't get around to cutting down any of the spent flowers. So between that job, "harvesting" all the wild onion, routine spring wedding and cultivating the soil, it took nearly all afternoon. I didn't take any pics of that garden though, nothing's blooming yet, so not much to show. I will absolutely get photos when my most favorite flower,

The Peonies,
start to bloom.

Got some work done in the herb garden, too, yesterday. Another mess. And this spring I'm paying for a big, big gardening mistake I made a few seasons ago.


I planted that baby right in the ground. Now, I know better. Mint is big-time evasive and will spread everywhere. I've planted it before by sinking a bottomless pot in the ground to greatly deter it's spreading nature. A couple years ago when I planted a new plant, I just got lazy. So I spent most of my time out there yesterday pulling and pulling and pulling out mint. I'll be finishing up that garden today after work . . . hopefully . . .

When I was giving my poor old back and knees a break yesterday, I snapped some pics from around the yard. I can't wait to share more with y'all as more plants and flowers come into bloom.

Awww, isn't this little wild violet cute?
Cute maybe, but my biggest enemy. If left alone, these "cute" little plants will literally take over one's gardens, and they almost did in all of mine. It took me literally years to almost eradicate these little warriors from my gardens.

They have to be one of the most prolific self-seeders of any plant. Not only do they spread seed by their blooms going to seed, but their tuber-like roots contain seed too. Whenever I see any of these sweet little plants pop up anywhere, they get dug out immediately! But, be careful, if you break open those roots when digging them out, their seeds will be left behind.

This is my favorite hosta of the ones I have planted. It's called Stiletto. As you can see, it's planted at the edge of our little fish pond. The fish were being shy, and wouldn't let me get a shot of them. I love it's thin, wavy leaves. And the name . . . so neat!

This beautiful, majestic weeping cherry has put on it's breath-taking spring show for
many years. We did almost lose it one year, but it survived and has been thriving ever since.

A view from inside the tree.

Another showy tree/bush. This is a Purple Leaf Plum Bush. It's not quite a tree, not really a bush. The tiny flowers are so delicate, and super-fragrant.

Watch out for the bees, though. They love those sweet-smelling flowers too!

Lastly, a few different varieties of daffodils still blooming. Every spring I tell myself I should have gotten out there last fall to plant more bulbs.
Maybe this fall I'll actually do it!

One last little note. I'm not sure if he does, but just in case he reads my blog, I want to wish my big brother a very Happy Birthday today!

Funny story . . . my older brother is 7 years older than me, but all the while when we were kids growing up, I insisted I was older because my birthday came first (my birthday was 4/1). Funny how little kids rationalize things sometimes!

Happy Birthday, Curtis!!!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have to make sure I get out into our front and back yards this weekend, Carla, and start cleaning up and weeding {already}. Before it gets too hot ~ it seems we are having unseasonably high temperatures this week with 80 today. I have full sun, so I'm hoping the weekend is a little bit cooler!

Paula said...

Happy Spring Carla! Really feels more like July lately...I think mother nature is making nice:)
Your photos are beautiful! We've had (for the first time) some violets popping up in the lawn...?? don't know where they came from. Back in New England my mom let them go in the lawn and every spring she had a front yard that was completely purple! It was quite gorgeous, for a bit:0
Hope you get another day of gardening fun!

Hopemore Studio said...

That weeping cherry is amazing! You have some of the best plants, and it looks like your favorites are my faves too. Peonies, especially the doubles are gorgeous.

I also made the mint mistake, it still is in the yard somewhat but when the grass gets cut it smells really nice.

Take care of yourself after all that hard work!

Darlene said...

Hi Carla,

I tried to comment several times yesterday but blogger kept giving me an error message...UGGGG

Anyway, love your beautiful pictures!! The Cherry Tree and the Purple Leaf Plum Bush are amazing!! Just the other day I said I wanted to plant some mint and a friend warned me about how invasive it was. Think I'll put it in a pot now. Glad you got some beautiful weather. We have had outstanding weather this past week....just gorgeous with another beautiful day today.♥

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