Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Burlap Banner

Perusing aimlessly on the computer one night . . . wasting waayyyy too much of my time . . . I stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous banners created from burlap.  Most of the ones I instantly fell in love with were created by a fabulous artist named Amanda.  She sells her creations out of her Etsy shop cleverly named Funkyshique.  She may not be new to many of you, but I'm totally gaga over her work.

She has currently closed up shop for some "renovations", but you can subscribe to her email list to be notified of her reopening.

After drooling all over my keyboard while visiting her store and blog, I was inspired to make one for myself.  Granted, it's certainly no where near the quality and craftsmanship sold at Funkyshique, but for my first try, I think it turned pretty okay!

I used a permanent ink to stamp the letters and swirly patterns, added a bit of glitter, and sealed and stiffened the pieces with Mod Podge.  Then I simply folded over a bit of the top, ironed flat, and glued over a line of jute.

Below are some of Amanda's beautiful banners.  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for a sampling of the types of items she creates.  She also has a blog, Funkyshique, but it appears she's been a bit absent.  Her last post was in June, but it's still chock full of gorgeous eye candy.

Photo from Funkyshique

Photo from Funkyshique

Photo from Funkyshique

Photo from Funkyshique

Photo from Funkyshique

Photo from Funkyshique

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Hopemore Studio said...

Carla..Is it at all creepy that I just stumbled upon her etsy shop last night! I had the same reaction..totally in awe of her creations. Your new banner is darling too...don't you just love great inspiration.


Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hello! I made a similar banner from burlap because I saw one on Pinterest. Yours turned out great.

marie said...

The Funkyshique banners are great - thanks for the link to her Etsy shop.

I love your banner too. Especially the swirly design you used. Angie's right....inspiration is wonderful. Now you've inspired me! : )

Anonymous said...

Way cute. I bought a bunch of burlap last time I was at that fabric store (drawing a blank here but the one near 896) Did you use a fabric modge podge? Have you seen the glitter odge podge-I love that stuff. Lisa

admin said...

I love the swirlies. Where did you find them? So cute! Love your banner.

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