Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Fallishness

I finally started to get my fall groove on.  Let me tell ya, it was hard for me to give up summer.  Although, it is still officially summer until this Friday, it's finally started feeling like fall 'round here lately with the cool temps.

Love these "frosty" acorn fillers I grabbed up at JoAnn's.

I guess I just wasn't ready to give up the lazy days of summer.  Or at least the idea of the lazy days of summer.  Which is odd for me, because fall is one of my favorite seasons.  And with fallish accents popping up all over . . . the blogisphere, department stores, magazine covers, etc., I realized I'd better get busy, or before I knew it I'd be digging through the Christmas bins!

Last week I drug down from the attic a plethora of boxes and containers housing all the fall and Halloween decor.  And they sat in the spare bedroom for days.  Well, I finally dug in and drug out the fallish stuff, leaving the Halloweeny for the first of October.  

What a process!  It takes me days to change the seasonal decor around the house.  Is it like that for you?  Am I too picky on creating vignettes?  Am I simply lacking a certain amount of creativity?  Or do I just have too much stuff to work with?  I dunno.  Whatever is my problem, I did finally manage to fallify the decor a bit.  

So, I started in the kitchen.  In the "dead area" of the kitchen peninsula where I usually create my seasonal vignettes, I added some fall color.

 A little mini log cabin quilt I made years ago is a good anchor with it's fall colors.  The wood ~ I think? ~ chargers are from Walmart and the vase was clearance item from JoAnn's ~ $2.97.   A little burlap, jute twine and rusty metal leaves hides an ugly candle label.

I bet some of you recognize the glass hurricane and candle inside below.  Yup.  They're treasures from the Dollar Tree.

 The kitchen table got a new look too.  It was time to change out the sand and shells centerpiece.

The tray matches those charger plates from Walmart.  Another itty bitty quilt, called a "candle pad" was created a long time ago from scraps from another quilt.  Those yellow, bakelight steak knives were given to me by my mother.  I remember using them at dinner time when I was kid.  I love having stuff like that around . . . things that were around the house when I was growing up and were used daily.

A close up of the cute little quilt.  I should make a few more.  It's so darn cute!

More of the frosty acorns.

 Over on the hutch, I have my harvest girl.  She's really the only "Thanksgivingly" accents I have.  I guess that's probably because by the time Halloween's over, I'm gearing up into Christmas mode.

The serving piece below is one I just love.  It was an Ebay find, and it's part of my Stangl Pottery collection {I posted more of my collection here.}.  The colors are perfect for fall.

So sorry for some of the blur, my batteries were wearing down in the camera.

My Pottery Barn knockoff felt leaf garland.  Mmmm, maybe I'll make another one of them too.

Some fall fell into the family room too.  Say that five times fast! LOL

As you can see, I'm really getting good use out of those frosty acorns!

One of my mushy velvet pumpkins from a couple years ago.

And there's a couple more.

One of my favorite little Autumn wall quilts.  I like to use quilting straight pins to hang seasonal quilts on the wall.  They hold the quilts up securely, and know one ever notices those teeny, tiny holes lift by the pins when they come down.

Sadly, we don't have a fireplace, so I try to treat my fabulous, rustic bookcase in the family like a "mantel".

Inexpensive pumpkins from JoAnn's on spray painted Dollar Tree pedestal thingys.  And that clock face back there?  Well, somehow the hands got all bent up and the clock wouldn't work, but I couldn't bare to through it away.  There was something about the face of it I just loved.  It makes a nice backdrop.

Hopefully I'll get some Autumn accents in the living room before it's time for Christmas.  That'll probably take me until the end of the week to accomplish!  How much have y'all done to fallify your homes?

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Beautiful and warm fall additions. Love the peas in the candle holders.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great displays, Carla! I love adding little things in here and there myself just to bring the season in. Of course, I have to wait still, but I'm hoping to add some things before Thanksgiving arrives!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Just beautiful Carla! Love those frosty acorns too...I'll have to stop in Joann's next time I'm in the area. I used to add seasonal changes all around the house...then I don't know if I got too old or too busy to keep up (probably both!). I try to do a little bit but not like I used to. As sad as I am to see summer ending this weather we're having is really wonderful!
Happy Fall!

marie said...

I love all your "fallishness" ~ especially the "Dollar Tree pedestal thingys". They look wonderful on that shelf!

Will you come and decorate my house for me? Oh yes, and bring along that burlap covered candle! Loved that! : )

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