Friday, September 30, 2011

Say 'Ello to My Li'l Friend

Now, when you read that title up there, you have to do it in your best Al Pacino as Scarface voice. 

Granted my "li'l friend" isn't as deadly as a machine gun, but it's going to be my weapon of choice in the attack against my kitchen chairs. 

With all the turns and grooves in these chairs brushing would have been a nightmare.  Surely I would have used at least four cans of spray paint per chair ~ and there's six of them.  

My dear, sweet Hubby bought this spray gun that can be used with our air compressor a few weeks ago upon my request . . . okay pleading

But the darn weather here, for what seems like almost two weeks, has been so lousy.  Not good painting weather at all.   It's been damp and rainy.  And when it's not been raining, the humidity's been like 300%.

Finally a break! Today is clear, and not near as humid.  This weekend, and into next week, are supposed to be much better than it's been.  So now I have no excuse.  I'll be spending some time this weekend deep cleaning the dirt and grime off these chairs, lightly sanding and priming in prep for the paint.  

Hopefully within a couple weeks I'll have fresh, newly painted chairs.  
Then I'll be tackling the table . . . hopefully . . .

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marie said...

I'll be watching for an update - painting my table and chairs is on my list of things to do!

GK said...

I want one of those!!!

Kerin said...

Oh ya... that's gonna make things a lot easier!
I will be looking forward to seeing the 'after.'
Wish I could talk my hubby into painting our dining set....hmmmm.
Have a great weekend !

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Can't wait to see how this works for you and I'll bet the chairs are going to be beautiful when you finish. Good luck and pleas keep us posted!

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