Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have an almost obsessive fondness for jars.
Any kind of jar.

It's almost impossible for me to throw any glass jar into the recycling bin.
Pickle jars.
Spaghetti Sauce jars.
Jelly and jam jars.
Jars are a wonderful way to store just about anything.

Great way to corral silverware.

Some years ago, I was on a mission to find and purchase any kind of vintage-type canning jars I could find. As a result, I've accumulated a pretty good stash of old canning/mason jars.

Nice and clean!

I don't discriminate. I accept all types of jars.
Anchor Hocking.
No Name.

I'll take any color too.
Whether they seal with a wire hinge and glass top or zinc screw top, they're a keeper.

A vase to keep fresh cut basil from the garden.

Loose pantry items - cinnamon sticks, cloves, dry beans . . . not sure what the white stuff is anymore. Tapioca, I think???

I'm sharing just some of the ways I use jars to store all sorts of things around my home.

Some of my collection on display in the laundry area.

Lots of jars are used for storing all sorts of supplies/materials in my craft room.

Love this jar. It's a Ball Freezer jar, fitted with a "freezer cap".

These are also favorites.

Mom's Mason Jar
These were manufactured by the Home Products Company in Columbus, Ohio, in the 70's. Can you make out the raised design of "Mom" on the front of the jar?

Instead of a sugar bowl, I use a sugar jar for regular cane sugar, natural sugar and my sweetner.

Storing some corn for poppin'!

A perfect way to store rolls of string or twine. Just cut a hole in the top, and thread the twine through.

This jar is always in my tool bucket when I'm working out in the gardens.

They make pretty nifty candle holders!

Oh, yeah, I use them for canning jellies and jams too.

The last little bit of pepper jelly from last year. As soon as those jalapeno plants out in the garden are overloaded, it'll be time to make some more.

If you'd like to learn more about all kinds of canning and mason jars, click on the link below.

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marie said...

Love this post Carla! It's so timely for me ~ so many good ideas for my craft room!
I think the string and sweetener jars are my favorites!

xinex said...

You have so many neat ways of using the jars. Love the way they all look...Christine

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love all those jars and thanks for sharing all the different ways of using them.

Jackie said...

Hi Carla

I love your blog which I have just come across. I love all the jars and what you use them for. Jackie in UK.

Darlene said...

All of your jars are so pretty and I love the creative way you are storing (all kinds of) things in them. Now I'm going to have to take another look at what I can store in my jars!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your day.♥

Tracy said...

too stickin cute... I did read up and the plums in my front yard are to wonderful for jelly so "they" say. Never done it before.. are you up for it one sunday?

Rita May said...

Love your jars! I'm a jar collector too. I did a post on my ball jars. Thanks for stopping by MAY DAYS. Now I've got to get back to looking through your blog!

Kerin said...

Three cheers for canning jars !!!
Love all the ways in which you've used yours!
I love canning jars and use them for everything too!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

holly potts said...

I have one of the jars that has Mom's Mason Jar and was just wondering if you know the value of it? It was from Home Products #75 from Columbus Ohio it is 12oz instead of 16.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog because I was looking for info on the Mom's Mason jar & your's came up. I love this blog! Sorry to hear you aren't blogging anymore, but I understand being in a funk creatively. Please leave it up for awhile so I can explore it, so many wonderful ideas. you have a real gift!

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