Saturday, July 17, 2010


Earlier this week, I asked Hubby to pick up this movie.

I've been dying to see it, and heard the scenery and sets in the movie were incredible especially after reading Lisa's review of the movie at her blog
Hubby decided to try one of those Red Box movie rental kiosks.

Seems like a good idea. One dollar a night for as long as you have the movie, and you can return it to any other Red Box kiosk.

I popped the popcorn in my fairly new oh-so-cute pink Cuisinart popcorn maker.

Isn't it adorable . . . and PINK!!! We are a big popcorn family. Me and Son No. 3 have popcorn almost every night. Usually microwave, but sometimes I would break out the big gun of popcorn makers.

We bought this monstrosity a few Christmas's ago for the boys.

Thought they'd get a big kick out of it. They weren't entirely impressed. I like the big popcorn maker. It's cool to watch the popcorn fly out of the pot, but it is a pain in the arse to clean.

Hubby saw this Cuisinart popper in a sales flyer in the pink and knew immediately he had to get if for me. He drove nearly 30 miles to the store that had the pink one. What a doll!

The most wonderful thing about this popcorn maker is everything . . .
I'm talking everything . . .
can go in the dishwasher.
How cool is that?!
And the dome the corn pops into flips over and becomes the bowl.

Well, I got my popcorn all made just way the I like.
Salt and butter.

Or, in my case, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter butter spray. Oh, I'd much rather be almost soaking the popcorn in real, creamy melted butter, and I do sometimes. But mostly I try to be good and stick with the almost reasonable facsimile.

A little butter-flavored popping oil and popping corn.

As I was saying, I got the corn popped and fixed the way I like it. Poured myself a big glass of diet Mountain Dew. Popped the DVD into the player, and got comfortable. Well, the stupid DVD was messed up and wouldn't play past the previews. It kept looping through the previews. Not a great impression made on our first time using Red Box.

Oh well. The popcorn was yummy anyway!

Hubby called Red Box and they were more than accommodating. They emailed him codes for two free rentals. Nice. So, we tried It's Complicated once again. It actually worked out great, because the night we watched it was the last night Son No. 1's girlfriend was with us. The four of us watched it together.

I thought it was the cutest movie I've seen in a while. Son and Hubby, who are usually nothing but action adventure types, admitted it was okay. And the scenery and sets in the movie did not disappoint.

In doing some research, I found that a lot of the scenes in the movie were shot on sets. The rooms in her house were all sets. And the bakery she owned in the movie, was set up in a building on an old estate that's used for conferences. The movie takes place in Santa Barbara, but was not entirely filmed there.

The Kitchen

The Bakery

More of the bakery.

Regardless of where it was filmed, and if the rooms used in the movie were actual rooms of a house or constructed in a warehouse, it was all gorgeous. The grounds around the house, and the GARDEN . . . oh my, just amazing.

No plans this weekend?
How 'bout popcorn and a movie?

You can also see more pics and read more about the movie and the sets here at

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Darlene said...

It all looks like GORGEOUS scenery! I have never tried the red box but it sounds like they were more than accomodating when the movie was messed up.

I LOVE your cute popcorn maker and I bet the popcorn tastes fabulous from it! Have a great weekend Carla!♥

Lisa said...

I have been wanting that popcorn maker for awhile now. Figured I get it with 30% at Kohls but they didn't have it. I should have got in May at 5th St Electronics on 202 but was busy buying a juicer and blender-oh well. I love redbox use all of the time and love the fact that if you doing road trip you can rent at any red box in the U.S. how cool is that.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

First of all, Thanks for the link to my blog and second...I am so glad you finally saw the movie! Every set is so amazing and makes you want to live in her world. And now I want to visit Santa Barbara. Her bakery and garden alone were perfect and then her house....Big sigh.
I've not seen that popcorn maker before...I'll be it's a nice change from microwave. Definitely considering one now!

Terry said...

I love the pink popcorn popper! I did watch the movie but didn't really care for it..but the movie sets were great to look at! I've always wondering about Red Box, we might have to give it a try - thanks for sharing a great post!

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