Friday, July 9, 2010


Well . . . kinda . . .

The chair that kicked my behind during it's personal little makeover?
The chair that I procrastinated on for sooo long?
The chair whose upholstery was becoming tattered and torn, but I was determined to save?

The other night, Dear Son along with his sweet girlfriend, sat themselves in that chair (you might remember that chair's a reclining chair-and-a-half), and pushed back to recline comfortably when POP! A bolt in the hinge of the reclining mechanism snapped in two.

Well, we're surely not going to pay the price to repair it. So now I'm on the hunt for a new chair. And I think I've actually found one. Since I just hate spending big money of furniture if I can get away with not, (THE CHAIR is case-in-point - big money spent on a chair whose upholstery wore out in 3 years and eventually broke after 8), Ikea has what I think just might be the answer for me.

The Ektorp Chair


It comes in a variety of colors, even a cute floral print. The color I'm leaning to is the white. And better yet, the white cotton slipcover is machine washable, and it's the cheapest of the color options at $249.
The other colors are dry clean only, and a bit more expensive. The floral above, for example, is priced at $349.
Pottery Barn

This Pottery Barn chair, named
The Basic Armchair ,
(all that money for that chair, and they can't come up with a real name for it??? LOL) also offers what I'm looking for. But really, priced at around $900, and a chair that will be used basically as an extra, occasional chair in the family room, I just can't see spending that much. Granted, the PB chair's frame is made much better being a solid, kiln-dried hardwood frame, and the Ikea chair is not. I still think, for us, the Ikea chair is the way to go.

Unless I see something somewhere else that fits the bill, I'll be taking a drive up to Philly to visit our closest Ikea store very soon!

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Tracy said...

ah that stinks.. I wonder if Pier One has any fantastic chairs like your looking for.. Or Marshalls home normally has great pieces for a fraction of the price. You might get a better quality for less.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Love that first "plain" Ikea chair. Such a deal!! I don't think I would bother fixing the recliner either. Hope the chair is as good as it looks. Good luck!

Darlene said...

AWWWWW after all that work on the make-over chair I hate that it is a goner!!!! LOVE the IKEA chair. I think that is a great choice.

Hope you are having a great day. We are having rainy weather and I LOVE it. Usually it is SOOOO HOT and dry in July our watering bill goes way up.....this July it has been really rainy and cooler than normal....YAY♥

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have 2 Ektorp chairs! I've had them for about 15 years now, too. I just bought the white slipcover for one {back then they came with an olive green slipcover and no other choices}. The other wears a Sure Fit slipcover for now {which is fine as it is in a spare bedroom}. I've been happy with these chairs. They went from being used a lot to being used "sometimes".

I had to go back and forth between the Ikea and the PB chairs as they looked almost identical! Except for the price, of course! : )

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hey Kathy! OMG!!! You weren't going nuts. I did inadvertently put the same chair up. It was the Ikea chair in the beige cover. Silly me! I've replaced the picture with the PB chair. Now you can see the differences in the two. IMO, the Ikea chair looks better!

Lisa said...

yikes what a bummer. Carla you are going to flip at Ikea when you see everything. I remembered you told me you never had the Ikea experience -did you ever get there or will this be your first trip? Hold on to your wallet because 50 little things add up. I went 2 months ago with 3 friends and the car was so packed we could barely see out of it.

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