Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ooooo . . . I'm just lovin' all these Pottery Barn pillows.

I'm hoping I can find fabric
similar to any of these fabrics and prints to create my own.

Pillows are so super simple to sew. I have a real hard time paying the premium PB price.

I'm crushin' especially hard on these:

I think I see a fabric hunt in my future.

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Love the Decor! said...

They always have such lovely pillows but the pricing often makes me gasp!! I check their clearance section often and can sometimes pick up a bargain!

Darlene said...

I always LOVE everything about PB including all of those gorgeous pillows! I just can't afford them unless they are on clearance. If I was rich I might have my whole home done in PB!!!!!

I'm linking to you tomorrow about deadheading.♥

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love PB pillow covers and own a lot of them. I usually wait till they are on sale or search ebay. We also have an outlet not too far away. I started to buy a new one and then thought I may try to make one just like you said.

Kerin said...

Well...I'll bet you know where you can get some terrific fabric and make your own :)
How's the painting going ?? I'll bet you're moving like lightning through your painting projects!!
Have a great weekend :)

Paula said...

oh yes! everyone of these is scrumptious! I did a sign for a CA vendor of my signs based on the Nest pillow, it came out cute, it's in my flickr gallery:) Let us know if you find any of these fabrics!

Jean said...

Lovely pillows! I hope you can duplicate them. I love the look in your bedroom. The colors are so soft and restfull. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We'd enjoy seeing your gardening pics on Bloomin' Tuesday! I'll be back! Jean

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

I love PB pillows too! I just love PB! Happy Weekend!

Jackie said...

I love the cushions I just wish we had a Pottery Barn here in the UK!! I am hopeless with an needle so couldn't make my own. Seeing all the lovely ones you have shown has made me want to buy some new ones, so I will have to have a look round. Mind you I would want to change everything in the room first, don't know hubby would be happy!!

Have a good weekend, Jackie in UK.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wow Carla!!! You're on a roll these days. I enjoyed every minute of catching up over here. You guys have been SO busy. I'm in love with your room makeover below!!! Those colors are totally delicious!
And what a huge undertaking to do your stair rails. They will be gorgeous in the malt color.
Thanks for the dead-heading tips.
I'll stay tuned in for all the big "reveals" coming up. : )

Anonymous said...

Love the pillows.The last ones are adorable and some with the birds further up.Pillows are a fun buy, but Im like you I dont like to go poor buying them lol.I love buying them for my bed bed pillows are adorable too.

Have a great sunday!

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