Thursday, July 22, 2010


The paint has been flying. Well, not exactly flying. It's actually going slower than I'd hope. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could get my entire bedroom - walls, ceilings, doors and trim - done in a day. It took me 10 hours Monday just to get the walls done. I did take quite a few very short breaks, but in all, I pretty much painted all . day . long.

I'm sharing some pics of the room I took this morning. Our bedroom doesn't get good morning light. The light's way better in the afternoon, but I was anxious to share the work I've done so far.

I am thrilled . . . squealing inside thrilled . . . about how the colors came out. The walls were painted a shade of green called Juniper Breeze in a satin finish and the ceiling was painted a pale blue called Tranquility in flat.

Hubby was not too sure about the whole green wall/blue ceiling combo. I told him that the tone I'm going for in our bedroom and master bath are calming, soothing colors . . . think beach glass. He's still not sold. I told him it will all come together once I get all the textiles in the room that have all those colors and will tie everything together.

Oh and a little review on Lowe's Valspar Hi-Def paint. Fantastic! Excellent! Superior! For just $6 more a gallon than the regular Valspar paint, making it around $32 a gallon, it's worth every penny more. The paint had fantastic coverage. I could have almost gotten away with just one coat. I couldn't have been happier with that paint. I'm glad I decided to try it.

Now, on to some more ramdomy things. I wanted to share these two new books I just received. Well, they're not really new new, but new to me.

Junk Beautiful
Outdoor Edition

Country Living's
Simple Country Wisdom

I've had Sue and Ki's other book Junk Market Style, which is just great.

And although I haven't really had time to go through the new book, I can tell I'm going to get lots of great "junky" ideas from this new book.

Some pages from Junk Beautiful - Outdoor Edition
(I'm apologizing now for some of the pics being blurry. Hard to take pictures of book pages.)

The Country Living book, Simple Country Wisdom, is another great CL publication. It's a compilation of photos and ideas from the magazine - one of my all-time favorites for many years. I like that the book's mission is to offer "old-fashioned ideas to simplify your life". I can't wait to get into reading some of the ideas and gain some inspiration from the book. And I love the size of this book. It's different. It measures 6-1/4" wide by 9-1/4" long. Doesn't take much to get me excited some times ;o)

These next few pics are from Simple Country Wisdom.

Here's a little bit of bizarre ramdomness. Son No. 2 had been not feeling well since the end of last week. Scratchy throat, some all over achiness, slight fever. Even his glands in his neck were starting to look a little swollen. He saw the doctor on Friday and the doc wasn't quite sure what was going on with him even after a thorough exam. She was actually suspecting it was the mumps.
The mumps???
And that he'd be the first recordable case of mumps in our state for many year. Our doc's office had to call the board of health and CDC to inform them, and they told us to keep him quarantined for 10 days starting from the first day of symptoms.

Kids don't get mumps anymore! I mean, I had the mumps, but that was before MMR inoculations. On Monday he had blood drawn so they could test for mumps. It takes 3 days for the results of the those tests, but in the meantime, he was starting to feel much worse. Tuesday evening he called us and asked us to come get him (he's just recently move out into his own apartment with a some friends) because he was feeling real bad and wanted to come home.
When I picked him up, he was quite feverish and was complaining of his lower back around his kidneys hurting and his throat was so sore and scratchy he could barely speak. I was a little nervous. I actually drove him to a local emergency care unit, but it was closed. Instead of having him sit for hours and hours at the hospital's emergency room, I opted to bring him home and contact the doc. She called back right away and said the kidney pain was most likely from dehydration.

Well, long-story-short, we're pretty sure he has/had the mumps. The test results should be in today, but last night he called to tell us a good friend who was visiting with him last weekend came down with the same illness, and his test came back that he did indeed have the mumps. Crazy! Apparently, mumps spreading through colleges is becoming a mild epidemic. Even to kids who have been immunized, like my Son. He's doing much better now, and went back to his place last night.

Well, it's back to some painting today - the boy's bathroom, hall, foyer, etc. I'm determined to get all this painting done as soon as possible so I can start on the fun part of redecorating my bedroom. I'm dying to get the new bedding on that I purchased months ago, and I have to make new window treatments with the fabric I purchased months ago. Lots to do!

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Hopemore Studio said...

Carla your color choices for the bedroom are beautiful, reminds me of the colors I saw in the Hyatt Place hotel we staying in last weekend. It was all new and so fresh.

Poor guy, I hear that when all these kids start getting together in dorms the germs can really fly, last year it was the mumps??? I'll be telling that one to my dear hubby who works for a local university...yikes. I hope your guy feels better soon.


Darlene said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful and what is hubby doing questioning you anyway????? Don't they know when we have a vision it will be BEAUTIFUL when!!!!!

I have that book Simple Country Wisdom and I love it! Such easy and wonderful hints!

So sorry about your Son. WOW the mumps?!?! Glad he is over the worst of it.

marie said...

I'm glad that your son is feeling better ~ Mumps! Wow, that's crazy!

The paint colors are beautiful ~ hope we get to see the finished speace real soon!

Thanks for the book pages you shared - lots of neat stuff in them. I LOVE the egg carton sewing box!! I think I need to make myself one of those ~ it would great for traveling!

marie said...

Speace - space....I was thinking about how peaceful it was when I typed space. That'll teach me to think.....

Kerin said...

Holy Mumps! Whoda thunk??!!
Glad he's on the mend! You'll have to let us know for sure, once the test results come back!!
Loving the colors and style that you are working with! It's just going to be fantastic!!
I think ALL husbands get pretty nervous when their comfort zones are messed with.... before you know it, he will be claiming the new colors and decor was his idea all along :) ( at least that's been my experience :)
Keep up the great work!

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