Friday, July 16, 2010


Momma and Papa Robin are determined to build their nest in the frame of my outdoor umbrella.

I realize it's the perfect support structure for their home, but it's not exactly ideal. There are times when we have to put the umbrella down. And with us outside all the time and passing by the door of the deck all the time and walking across the deck to come inside all the time, I don't think they'll have much privacy.

But they keep at it. For almost a couple weeks now. They start to build that nest, and I take it down. Some days several times a day.

And they're making quite a mess during construction.

What to do????
Oh I know, I could just keep the umbrella down, but I really like having it open.
It just looks nicer open.

I tried putting windchimes up inside the umbrella thinking maybe it would make noise when they landed and scare them away.
Didn't work.
Obviously me dismantling their work every day isn't a deterrence either! Any suggestions?

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Darlene said...

I know it looks gorgeous up but I think the only way to discourage them is to keep it down for several days in a row (maybe a week). Then there is no way they could even start a nest and should end up elsewhere.

Hope it works cause Mama NEEDS a nest!!!!!♥

Kerin said...

I think you're going to have to get tough with them :)
Maybe they will move to a nearby tree.
Have a wonderful weekend....hope you do something fun !

Anonymous said...

Wow my birdie family left a month ago lol.They were called house wrens.They raised 4 children and then they just left lol.

Actually I got another plant in the mean time and had to throw the vern away they had their home in, and they came back to see if they could have some more room in the new plant but I felt bad I hadd to discourage them,lol.I think they would of done that all summer ha.

Happy weekend!Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too!

just me said...

would probably have to agree with having to have the umbrella down for a few days. my sister inlaw had a twig wreath on her front door screen and a small bird made a nest in it, was a bear to get 4 kids to use the back door. it came back for about 3 yrs in a row. good luck

Hopemore Studio said...

Wow what a dilemma. I guess I would worry too that a fast wind or storm would blow the umbrella and possibly the nest down. Best to send this gal on her way to a new location, against her wishes I'm sure (nest building can't be easy, right?).


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