Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Plate Obsession

Thought I'd share just a bit of one of my very many obsessions . . . er, collections. This post reveals the one that is "plates". I just love 'em! Old, new, found . . . doesn't matter. They always catch my eye where ever I go. Especially ones that are not your normal, run-of-the-mill round dinner plate size and shape. Some have sentimental value, some I searched for to add to a growing collection, others I thought were neat and/or the price was right!

For instance, the plates shown in the two pics above were found at Kohl's - cheap - square - colorful. The bamboo square plates were marked down to 99 cents a piece, and the smaller snack-size plates were 50 cents. Can't beat that with a big stick! And, the colors match my little Halloween quilt so well.

These plates are part of my Stangl collection. I love, love, love Stangl! Stangl Pottery was located in Trenton, NJ, until the late 70's. All the pieces were hand painted before firing, and almost all the designs were floral or nature inspired. This pattern is called Blossom Ring. Isn't it pretty? Love the sagey green and brown combination.

These are the plates currently taking residence in my hutch. I usually change these plates for the seasons/holidays. The green ones are from Dollar Tree many years ago, the reds are another Kohl's find.

This is one my favorite groupings. These plates grace a wall in my living room. The blue Johnson Bros. transfer plate belonged to my great grandmother, and the red transfer to it's right was my grandmother's. The others were Ebay scores.

Another wall in the living holds these very simple white plates (Look, they're square! Did I mention how I love square plates?!) These Johnson Bros. ironstone plates, Snowhite Regency, were another Ebay find.

I got a great deal on the plates below. Found these at my local Marshalls/Homegoods store. Roscher & Co. - Hobnail Design - on clearance for 3 bucks a piece. Not bad!

More of my Stangl collection below. The colors and designs are just gorgeous on these particular pieces. Thistle, Wild Rose, Bella Rosa, are just a few of the patterns displayed there.

Hey look! Up there, above the doors . . . more plates! Again, Ebay purchases. J&G Meakin Ironstone in the pattern Renaissance.

Another plate that was my grandmothers. Isn't it sweet?

Little stack of cuties.

More sentimental items - a portion of my Grandmother's Candlewick collection. These little luncheon plates and cups are so sweet. Actually, I inherited the four plates and one cup. I had to search thrift/antique stores for three more to complete the set. That was pre-Ebay, so finding just three of them took some time. Notice the little built in ashtray on these plates. Funny, huh?!

Lastly, some more Stangl Thistle pieces. Okay, they're not plates . . . well technically the saucers are plates, I guess. Wouldn't you agree?


marie said...

Beautiful dishes and quite a collection! I love the plate with the fruit on it. I have a service for eight in a similar pattern. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. The Candlewick sets are pretty too!

Amy said...

I was at a local thrift shop and just found four tea cups and saucers from Stangl in the Blossom Ring pattern!

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